How custom SharePoint applications having streamlined business operation?

16 May

SharePoint development allows SharePoint developers to deliver solutions and prototypes fast. Although built on top of ASP.NET, the platform has its unique challenges. The issue that arises early in a SharePoint project is how to best interact with other systems. Since the platform is a composite app platform, viewing the architecture of SharePoint from the web app level is the easiest way of going about it.

Not many people are aware that SharePoint development is very good in streamlining the annoying little processes. It is a collaborative software program with six parts to it. These parts include collaboration, personalization and portals, search, business processes and forms, enterprise content management and business intelligence. The main goal of the platform is to build a company intranet. SharePoint developers are in great demand as most businesses now incorporate SharePoint into their business daily processes.

SharePoint development has a lot of features that are found in various software tools like InfoPath, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Project and Browsers. Each has its own methods and functions to deal with creation of document and management process. Specific apps in the MS Office suite do not incorporate well with others, thus the answer is SharePoint, which could help a business to organize data from various elements into one point of action. This is what makes SharePoint different. There are various services that SharePoint developers could offer to meet business needs.

To acquire a working understanding of SharePoint, the easiest way to do is to look at websites. The sites are the central storage points where you could build a series of features that various users could work with. Over the years, SharePoint has evolved to include social networking features, Web 2.0 capacities and an increasing number of third-party plug-ins and add-ons. SharePoint is one of Microsoft’s most successful products. It is important to note that the platform is not a single program but a platform. It is a server product, meaning that you do not install in on your own laptop or desktop. Instead, it is installed on the back end systems and shared across a network.

SharePoint essentially could create websites and helps you collaborate and provides you a central place for storing and searching content. Moreover, it also helps in building and discovering business insights. Should you decide that SharePoint is what your business requires; the next step for you is to plan carefully. Keep in mind that working with SharePoint is a long-term process that would not really end since the platform grows with your business organization.

Below are some of the tips to make the most out of SharePoint:

1. Use MySPC which is a scheduling tool that lets you enter or update personal profile, identify sessions you would like to attend, connect with other attendees, fill out session evaluations and schedule meetings.

2. Choose Activities, Sessions and Parties early on. Make certain that you review the sessions now and use MySPC then start identifying which ones you want to attend.

3. Join in Pre & Post conference trainings. Aside from the ample sessions the conference offers, there are also opportunities for deeper training before and after the conference.

4. Engage with the community where you could acquire ample opportunities to rub elbows and exchange ideas with community members, leaders and other key players in the SharePoint community.

5. Harness the power of social media to keep you connected throughout the conference. Make sure you sign up for Twitter.

Click here to read a pdf that covers more tips and tricks of SharePoint.



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