What innovations can we expect from SharePoint2016?

08 Aug

From more than a decade, SharePoint has been delivering amazing features and functionalities from small startups to large scale enterprise. Before some years, SharePoint 2013 was released, and Microsoft has shown a vast difference in a lot many things since then, especially in Office 365. However, the IT developers and users are eagerly waiting for the SharePoint 2016.

A key feature of SharePoint 2016 is to concentrate on conveying on-premise deployments and cloud innovations through hybrid deployments of SharePoint Server with Office 365. Some other enhancements in SharePoint 2016 are planned to be available in the second quarter of 2016.

Three key features in which functionalities delivered in SharePoint 2016 are

Improved user experience

Cloud- inspired infrastructure

Compliance and reporting

Improved User Experience

For increasing the effectiveness of the business in any organization, optimized decision making, and maintaining connections are the key points. The most necessary thing at the workplace today is accessing information at one go. Hence, it is expected that SharePoint 2016 will be up with the modified mobile access to applications, content and more.

The end user will see the improvements in the file storage and document collaboration with SharePoint 2016 becoming more and more people – centric. Additionally, due to a hybrid implementation of Office 365 and SharePoint Server 2016, users will find the new improved experience and new capabilities in on-premise deployment.

Moreover, the information which is stored on-premise and cloud environment, users can fetch the similar data easily and quickly with SharePoint 2016 powered by Office Delve and Graph. Additionally, communications can be streamlined by integrating the high enhancing new media like Yammer and Office 365 Video.

Cloud- inspired infrastructure

Reliability, performance, Scaling and more can be improved in SharePoint 2016 by bringing your internal investment to the data center. Due to hybrid scenarios, users will be able to enhance the actual on-premises investment.

It has got the standard set of APIs that will help to enable a broad ecosystem of partners and solutions that move beyond the clouds and on-premises. Support ticket for the user will be more simplified and training would be provided for IT pro in the products like Windows Server, Exchange Server 2016 and the next generation SQL Server.

Compliance and Reporting

SharePoint 2016 is developed with the range of functionalities to give protection to your sensitive data and helps in preventing the data loss. It is also integrated with data encryption compliance tools that cross over on-premises servers and Office 365 ensuring the content that sticks to the policy of the content. This tool is designed because over exposure of data always have legal compliance implications.


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