Sharegate 5.12 – Improved, Error-Free File Share to SharePoint Migration

10 Aug

The previous release of the Sharegate was up with the file share migration inventory tool. By this, an organization can get the access of complex migration with the errors to be repaired before initiating the process of migration. And additionally, it also surpasses the time estimated for completing the process for the move.


Recently, the update of the Sharegate has taken a new curve to the higher level with much-improved efficiency. The previous version just showed the list of the errors but with this new version, you can get the detailed report of all the error. And hence, it can be corrected before starting of the migration

Simon De Baene – The CEO of Sharegate announced that they wanted to develop the tool that enhances the errors of the previous release. Though the providing the clients, a list of errors was helpful, it was not eliminating all the complexity for the users. With this new feature, Sharegate saves much of the time for the project, as in the previous version it explicitly provides all the details regarding, which file contains errors, by eliminating guessing games and immediate correction of issues.

When the SharePoint 2016 arrived in the IT ecosystem, it made an enormous impact in the industry. SharePoint2016 is always a great tool for the enterprise and blows all the versions out of the hub. The team of the SharePoint is working high for offering the great benefits and making it more user-friendly in near future. And because of this reasons, improved trial version of Inventory Tool is available for free.

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