New survey revealed SharePoint collaboration difficulties

16 Aug

According to a new research released by the information management analyst AIIM, many SharePoint projects have failed to meet the expectations of the users, while similar projects have stalled.


It was found that around 66% people were not satisfied with the features of SharePoint. The main issue was that people are finding very hard to use the products of Microsoft.

Around 75% people argued that SharePoint implementation has no mobile support and rest of the people commented that it is very much irritating and frustrating for the user as it has a lack of mobile support. The ability to ‘distribute documents in a controlled way’ was seen as important for nine out of 10 polled.

The chief analyst of AIIM quoted that, there is a sure need of some high improvements on SharePoint. He additionally explained that less than 2% people reported that the SharePoint improvements would benefit in new SharePoint 2016. Moreover, he also added that enterprise has got the great opportunity to maximize the return value by increasing the SharePoint capabilities. And hence, it would also enhance the process of engagement beyond the limits of a sky.

Due to increase in the engagement of the mobile device, it would improve the productivity and operational efficiency. It also enables the employees of the organization to interact at anytime and anywhere.

SharePoint is, of course, the main element of the Microsoft’s portfolio but improvements are always must especially when there are many negative feedbacks. Another software provider name Harmon came into existence in September by launching one product which set ups the goal to integrate with SharePoint and Outlook to provide a repository for faster emails and beefier efforts with documents such as approvals and contracts. The study revealed by AIIM that, most of the people polled for not using the SharePoint for email management.


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