Announcing the SharePoint Framework Developer’s preview

24 Aug

In one of the events of SharePoint, Microsoft was up with the new customization model which is known as the SharePoint Framework. This led to many murmurs as the bits were enabled to very few bets testers and not much information was provided for the samples and documentation. Developers have taken the wait and see approach as the new model was advertising quite heavily and but there was not much to show.


Hence, the wait is finally over. The SharePoint Framework preview is available on the Github. Check out the following link:- Here you will find some overview of the framework, a walkway to speed up and detailed documentation of the framework APIs.

But, there are some things that you should know before moving toward the code and creating a brand new widget in the SharePoint. Firstly, this is a preview version, you must keep in mind that things may change before the final release. Secondly, if you don’t have commands for creating the web solution outside the visual studio, you must first go through it and develop the learning before going productive. It is important to get mastery with the tools. You will have to boost your speed with the tools like VS Code, Node.js, Yeoman generators, and Gulp. Finally, you need to test the process in the new workbench environment and deploying the assets to CDN’s instead of SharePoint sites. For full fledge knowledge, you need to refer some sites of SharePoint.

With the initial SharePoint Framework release, the SharePoint managers committed for that SharePoint ass-in model. Web Parts for the SharePoint framework are especially good for the project that is implemented by service integrators. SharePoint add-ins are a great way for the variety of other use cases and office store distribution. Hence, due to this, there will be a continuous investment in the SharePoint add-ins. There are the chances to bring add-in model and SharePoint framework together in a near future.

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