Microsoft releases SharePoint framework developer preview

06 Sep

Microsoft recently released the developer’s preview of the SharePoint framework. The SharePoint got the popularity at Microsoft’s release of SharePoint 2016. During that time, Microsoft promised that it would make the work easy for client side share point development. It is also built to have development hooks into the Microsoft Graph, which is the base of Office 365 services.


It was announced that SharePoint Framework is now available for testing purpose. You can check out the initial documentation at the GitHub repository. As it is available for the testing purpose, a tester has to be the tenant of Office 365 developer to use the preview.

SharePoint Framework Plans

Microsoft wishes to update the SharePoint Frameworks very fast. Microsoft announcement explained that the preview which is released has a support for Web Part which includes delivering modern page editing experience, enabling seamless access to the data through Microsoft graph. The announcement also moved on with long-term plans. And it was also stated that the new SharePoint framework would not replace the existing one, but two approaches would be brought quite closer. The Bill Baer – a senior technical product manager for SharePoint stated that this new resource is the additional material for client side SharePoint development. He also added that frameworks were not only used for open source practices but also enables the tools that are used for modern web development.

Preview Highlights

Mike Ammerlaan- a production manager at SharePoint revealed that the developer preview released of the SharePoint Framework is quite at an early stage. The sole goal of the Microsoft Framework is to develop modern web techniques and be more responsive. In traditional times, a high emphasis was put on server-side, and today it is kept as a light-weight. Share Point developers won’t require a specific knowledge of the SharePoint he further added. Microsoft wishes to make it easier for the SharePoint developers to bring any framework in SharePoint, and due to this team has leaned towards the supporting for the open source framework.

Developers preview supports the following :-

• Yeoman tools support for standard starter templates

• Gulp run-time builds support

• SharePoint Workbench support

• New APIs for RESR endpoints when developing a Web Part

Still, Microsoft is working on Visual Stooling tools and today the core focus is on lightweight dev tools. SharePoint Framework will be complementary to add in development model. This add-in tools might be used for iframes to add presentation layers.

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