Top ways to make the SharePoint lovable for your users

16 Sep

Have your ever wondered why most of the people prefer to use SharePoint for their activities? With the new enhanced features and the latest version, it is replaced with the external tools for the user enhancement. But still, there are some group of people who would not like to use the SharePoint for their daily activities as they might be unaware of the usefulness that it provides. Developers must check out some handy points listed below, which will make your users aware of using the SharePoint in their daily activities. You must check out this full piece of information as it may boost the SharePoint adoption in a short term.


SharePoint Training

If the people do not have a better understanding of how does the SharePoint works, users simply won’t be able to see the real value of SharePoint. Many training videos are available which makes the user “want” for SharePoint in their daily activities.

A good branding

Users are always attracted by the popular brands and it’s generic. Like most of the things, SharePoint users are more attracted to the SharePoint platform if they think that the platform is appealing and beautiful and useful to them. It would be harder to hit the SharePoint if it was as cute as puppies. You can find someone who can make a great design for your SharePoint. You can also hire professional SharePoint designers which are worth it.

Keep clean SharePoint

We always know that messy thing makes always a negative experience. Same in the case with the SharePoint users. Preferably SharePoint developers must use third party tools like Sharegate to ensure that everything is going on the right track especially reporting and auditing. And you must also ensure to fix the bugs as soon as they appear.

Build good information architecture

It is quite simple that, if your SharePoint information architecture is logical, it would be much easier to use. When something is easy to use and you know where the content is flowing, your users will definitely adopt SharePoint platform faster and less resistance.

Ask what the user want?

It is always necessary to take the feedback from the users. After all, they user the SharePoint every day. The best way to make fall in the love with SharePoint is to regularly ask what are the things they wish to look in the SharePoint, what they like and dislike. Just like a regular relationship.

Be patient

You must always be patient when you want people to like your product. Do not over push. It leads to a negative impression. It usually takes the time to adopt something. If you think, SharePoint is user-friendly, you will always get the positive result.


Do you like SharePoint environment? You might have some issues, but you may not get the time to realize those issues. Take some time out and note down everything a good or bad. This may attract the users to use the enhanced services of SharePoint.

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