SharePoint intranet portal is buzzing. Do you know why?

27 Sep

SharePoint came in buzz right from the 2001 and till now its demand is always growing. In 2001, it was started with the mere file management and in 2003, it was up by adding the web content publishing features. Oracle, Epicentric, Plumtree were the 3 prominent players in the market. And today, Oracle exist amongst the other players. SharePoint is not only the platform for general collaboration, document management but also it is the market leader in both the categories.

SharePoint’s feature and capabilities are extensive

“SharePoint is magical” was shared by Steve Balmer – ex CEO of Microsoft. SharePoint has numerous capabilities like hosting sites, communities for practice, content management, workflow, Social directories, listing and more. SharePoint is connected with all the options, organizations can find a solution that fits their precise business needs. And this is exactly the same case with the SharePoint bit at a high cost. If you are interested in customizing the SharePoint application, it may cost around 100K to 1 million- all and sole depends on the market and scope of the application. In the recent years, SharePoint intranet portals were up with the out of box ideas bringing its cost down drastically.

The future is in the hands of Microsoft

In the beginning of the May 2016, Microsoft launched the latest version of the SharePoint and share their innovative vision. This is of course, that SharePoint is going to impact by the way we work for good. For the rich experience, Microsoft also launched the SharePoint mobile app, SharePoint home in office 365, libraries and list and more. Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Flow are also the integration’s added in the announcements. Other upgrades from SharePoint 2013 include a hybrid deployment model that allows organizations to have a part cloud, part on-premise SharePoint deployments. To ensure that, SharePoint users get the same benefits from the SharePoint functionality, Microsoft has reconstructed their hybrid search feature.

Rich Integration with Office 365

Research from the networks shows that the majority of the employees are using the office365 in their organization. And nowadays, Office 365 is the obvious choice in the firms with the power of being integrated with the SharePoint development. Favorite Office 365 integration features includes: exporting task to outlook, editing documents in word, Yammer connectivity for corporate social networking.

The Bottom line

Experts estimate that within few years, SharePoint intranet will move to 80-90% of the organizations using the out-of-box solutions. This is because, they have a good team of developers and designers who are committed to providing the best of the SharePoint and Office 365 while sticking to the modern designs and brands.

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