Minrole improvements in SharePoint 2016 Feature Pack

29 Nov

Recently, at Ignite Microsoft revealed many announcements for the new versions of Windows, security offerings, extensive functionality and many more. Several things were announced and the improvements to be made are kind of significant.


The functionality of MinRole in a SharePoint 2016 makes sure to manage its own court by running the services where it is supposed to be and unexpected not running where they were supposed to be. Roles are defined like Web Front End, Application, Search or Distributed Cache and you can assign one of them and once a day SharePoint server were running on that server to ensure that they could do the jobs you expected them to do. As long as each roles are assigned, you should have 100% functionality covered.

The feature MinRole is added to the list of the SharePoint from the Microsoft’s own hosting experience. When there is a large pool as Online SharePoint you need the guidance of keeping the lights on and MinRole is yet another thing that made everything possible. Microsoft would spin up each roll in any possible way as it is engaged in maintenance or cycling machines.

MinRole has a much better design and other extensive functionalities than execution. But the negative thing is that, it requires the number of servers. SharePoint online is manageable when you are running your own farm but when you own a small shop it’s an entire different story.

Hence, people opted for the custom MinRole, which means you can run whatever you want on the server. The Shared Role is yet another cherry on the top for this extensive functionality. It maintains its complete flexibility in FP1 and also can shuffle the role for more options.

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