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Napa a Modern effective tool for SharePoint development

O 2Napa is a SharePoint development tool that is centered on the idea to develop in the cloud. By getting a developer Office 365 account, one could get access to a development environment that is available from any browser and has the ability to build projects that could be saved and opened later. Today, there are remarkable changes in Napa since its first launch in July 2012, easing the work of SharePoint developers considerably.

The updated Napa version includes enhancements in new templates, user experience, improved task pane apps for Office support, a Mails application activation rules editor as well as new social features. One could virtually code from any device with no need to download or install anything. The development tool was made as a getting started tool to develop applications for Office and of course SharePoint. It is furthermore considered a lightweight companion to Visual Studio to help users become familiar with the applications for SharePoint.

Developing on the cloud makes a developers life so much easier. Napa Office 365 development tools offer a great way of building apps for SharePoint directly from out of the browser windows. There is no need to install any other tools like Visual Studio. All that is needed is an Office 365 account and a supported browser. Napa makes it easy to download a project and continue the development of an application for both Office and SharePoint. Moreover, the tools provide a page for managing projects. The page could then be used to build a mail application, task pane application, content application or SharePoint app project and rename and delete projects as well. Moreover, it also enables opening any project in Visual Studio if one decides to leverage features like advanced debugging or the capability to utilize a web project as part of an app for SharePoint.

Since it is web based, developing for SharePoint does not require installing anything on a machine or computer. As an application matures and there is more need for advanced tools, a developer could switch to the more powerful, fully featured Visual Studio IDE seamlessly and continue to develop there. Nevertheless, in parallel with Napa, a developer could still continue to use the current extensibility models for SharePoint such as COM, VSTO, VBA and SharePoint solutions. With Napa, SharePoint 2013 could now combine with onsite Windows Phone 7 apps or with SharePoint services that run on the cloud, such as service used for SharePoint online. This enables developers to build extremely power apps that are capable of creating upon functionality and ultimately extending it beyond what is capable on traditional laptops or desktops.

Once a developer signs up and logs into SharePoint 2013 online, Napa could be added to the SharePoint developer site from the SharePoint store. The tools could help in visualization, collaboration and productivity. In addition, it also offers a very good feature name as Share Project in which one could share applications with others. The Share Project feature makes a copy of the application project and offers developers a public link that could be given to anyone to allow theme to view a copy of the project.

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Five useful tools for SharePoint/Office 365 Hybrid Collaboration

Thus this new development tools not assure easy and effective collaboration in office 365 and SharePoint 2013 platform. These tools also followed easy process for managing mobile document for this collaboration platform.

The demand for Office 365 has increased significantly since last three years, while a large number of organizations are planning to roll out SharePoint 2013, the organization should decide what content will stay on-premises and what will be deployed in the new version of Office 365. There are number of tools that help organizations migrate, deploy and manage SharePoint and Office 365.

1.  Content Matrix:S 2

The new version of Content Matrix tool includes a SharePoint migration tool. The Content Matrix tool offers substantially improved performance, more define-grained permissions, which allow administrators to manage certain functions to trusted business users for reorganization of content. This tool can handle bulk metadata and copy-and-move functions. It also supports the movement of legacy code which provides Office 365 support for hybrid implementations.

2. K2 Appit :

K2 Appit is a workflow platform that lets business users create workflows which work with both SharePoint 2013S 3 and Office 365. It also lets users to create SharePoint workflow processes that can pull from lists and several SharePoint sites and various other versions of the Microsoft collaboration platform, whether on-premises or online. The K2 Appit application allows creating custom forms and workflows and tying content with data in other business systems. It’s also use for optimizing for building mobile apps, while allowing clients to users reuse workflow.

3. DocAve Online:

S 4Microsoft Azure-hosted DocAve Online tool for managing Office 365. This new service offers policy enforcement by managing all sites to ensure they’re in line with an organization’s governance guidelines, to ensure users to recover SharePoint Online, Exchange Online or OneDrive Pro instance. The new release also creates reports that can inform managers who created, modified, or deleted content and view security and settings across the entire SharePoint development platform.


4. Mobile Entree:

Mobile Entree offers Office 365 Preview, mobile collaboration, providing features which are not available through the default interface like discussion boards and also provides excellent calendar views. In addition, it also optimizes document editing, task management and advanced search option. It also provides customization option for modifying the way content is presented and organized. Moreover, a new custom mobile application is also available as Visual Studio to deploy mobile apps as SharePoint apps.

Mobile Entrée tool boasts several customization and branding features as well as a full set of developer tools. This allows users to customize the solution and also allows  building easy mobile apps within this platform.

5. Site Sheriff:

Site Sheriff offers a powerful, award-winning solution to solve all the site related issues. It leverages dynamic access; deny rules and a secure viewer to sustain a wide number of secure sharing scenarios which kept confidential information in this platform without difficult permissions.

The Site Sheriff allows admins to control in the SharePoint by providing permission data using dynamic metadata instead of sending static permissions or scanning documents, To use this tool developer will initially requires SharePoint 2010 or above versions.

Thus this new development tools not assure easy and effective collaboration in office 365 and SharePoint 2013 platform. These tools also followed easy process for managing mobile document for this collaboration platform. These are certainly very useful tools that help organizations to migrate, deploy and manage SharePoint and Office 365.

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Microsoft SharePoint – an emerging platform for developing competent enterprise and content management solutions

New_image-sharepoint3SharePoint is a business collaboration platform for web and enterprise. SharePoint development is an emerging technology. It started off as a raw, unexplored platform but today varied and distinct features have been added that have remodeled this platform making it a professional and expert system for developing proficient applications. These competent applications include the incubation of intranet and extranet portals, document & files management system, collaboration with other websites, social networks, and business intelligence. It also offers efficient integration services like system integration, process integration, and workflow automation capabilities.

The characteristics of each of these applications are as follows: SharePoint Development is the sole powerful platform that easily manages the intranet, extranet and the website from a single site. Along with effective management it also provides superior security at each of these portals. Intranet expedites knowledge exchange, fosters organizational culture and communication, streamline business workflows and presents dashboards and reports for gauging performance. Extranet provides information to the external stakeholders and website is a public platform that makes facts, records available to the general public at large. Document and file management system stores information at a single place making it available for the stakeholders whenever required thus speeding the decision making process. It is a digital system for storing and securing important and pertinent business information. It very tactfully integrates ERP easing the business management and restructuring business activities thus improving the overall productivity and performance of the business. Moreover it allows seamless integration of different systems, processes and automates the business workflow hence amplifying the business efficacy. Due to this it has become the epicenter of enterprise collaboration and content management strategies in different organizations.

This all is made possible due to its prominent features like cross browser support, browser based customizations, discussion boards, simple and effortless central administration, connection to office communication server and exchange, usage reporting and logging and many more. The advantages it offers as a result are: dynamic web functionality, painless deployment for process improvements, allows extensive customization to build highly scalable, flexible and secured solutions and allows creation of cost effective solutions having no geographical boundaries. Click here to know more features and additional things about SharePoint 2013.

All these features and advantages of SharePoint Development can be harnessed if there is an intelligent and capable team of SharePoint developers who have the knack and agility to develop deft solutions as per the need and requirement of the business and the client. The developer should be adept at grasping the pulse of the latest trends so that they can utilize them to give a new dimension, an alluring look and feel for constructing a robust and vigorous solution. Seeing today’s trend where the one who is talented and skilled wins the race as a result ambitious SharePoint developers do continuous research to stay updated with the upcoming developments and also scrutinize how each movement should be implemented to get maximum benefit. Therefore SharePoint along with its magnificent features, advantages, applications and capable developers has become a complete package for businesses to boost their competence.

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How custom SharePoint applications having streamlined business operation?

SharePoint development allows SharePoint developers to deliver solutions and prototypes fast. Although built on top of ASP.NET, the platform has its unique challenges. The issue that arises early in a SharePoint project is how to best interact with other systems. Since the platform is a composite app platform, viewing the architecture of SharePoint from the web app level is the easiest way of going about it.

Not many people are aware that SharePoint development is very good in streamlining the annoying little processes. It is a collaborative software program with six parts to it. These parts include collaboration, personalization and portals, search, business processes and forms, enterprise content management and business intelligence. The main goal of the platform is to build a company intranet. SharePoint developers are in great demand as most businesses now incorporate SharePoint into their business daily processes.

SharePoint development has a lot of features that are found in various software tools like InfoPath, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Project and Browsers. Each has its own methods and functions to deal with creation of document and management process. Specific apps in the MS Office suite do not incorporate well with others, thus the answer is SharePoint, which could help a business to organize data from various elements into one point of action. This is what makes SharePoint different. There are various services that SharePoint developers could offer to meet business needs.

To acquire a working understanding of SharePoint, the easiest way to do is to look at websites. The sites are the central storage points where you could build a series of features that various users could work with. Over the years, SharePoint has evolved to include social networking features, Web 2.0 capacities and an increasing number of third-party plug-ins and add-ons. SharePoint is one of Microsoft’s most successful products. It is important to note that the platform is not a single program but a platform. It is a server product, meaning that you do not install in on your own laptop or desktop. Instead, it is installed on the back end systems and shared across a network.

SharePoint essentially could create websites and helps you collaborate and provides you a central place for storing and searching content. Moreover, it also helps in building and discovering business insights. Should you decide that SharePoint is what your business requires; the next step for you is to plan carefully. Keep in mind that working with SharePoint is a long-term process that would not really end since the platform grows with your business organization.

Below are some of the tips to make the most out of SharePoint:

1. Use MySPC which is a scheduling tool that lets you enter or update personal profile, identify sessions you would like to attend, connect with other attendees, fill out session evaluations and schedule meetings.

2. Choose Activities, Sessions and Parties early on. Make certain that you review the sessions now and use MySPC then start identifying which ones you want to attend.

3. Join in Pre & Post conference trainings. Aside from the ample sessions the conference offers, there are also opportunities for deeper training before and after the conference.

4. Engage with the community where you could acquire ample opportunities to rub elbows and exchange ideas with community members, leaders and other key players in the SharePoint community.

5. Harness the power of social media to keep you connected throughout the conference. Make sure you sign up for Twitter.

Click here to read a pdf that covers more tips and tricks of SharePoint.



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Things to keep in mind when hiring SharePoint consultants

image5SharePoint is an amazing platform that is a very valuable tool for businesses these days. SharePoint development has become a part of business processes all over the world, regardless of the kind and size of business. SharePoint consultants provide the right services that a company or business may require.

Nowadays, if you want to boost profit and productivity of your company, then it is imperative to hire SharePoint consultants who could do the work fast. When it comes to SharePoint development, SharePoint consultants help increase company efficiency, boosting the overall content management, makes business process smoother and easier and makes asset management simpler.

With the great demand for SharePoint development, SharePoint consultants could earn $30 per hour and site travel time expenses and enjoy more lifestyle freedom. The easiest way of finding an effective consultant is to find out if they a partnership with Microsoft or not. SharePoint consultants who are registered partner of Microsoft can typically display a logo of the level of partnership with them. This link have displayed MicroSoft Gold Certified Partner logo on header and it has partner profile page too. They have to fulfil stringent standards, thus this qualification is a great quality indicator. When you plan to hire a consultant, do not forget to ask about the processes. Effective consultants could outline processes what work in various situations.

Make certain that the consultant you will choose uses only the best practice when developing solutions. Professional SharePoint consultants build a special portal server when communicating and sharing information between different office departments. The exchange of data or files is made simple, thus making it easy to carry out a certain task fast and without delay. Moreover, professional consultants tailor solutions that are based on client requirements. Although management of multilingual content is hard, an expert consultant will be able to handle it effectively. Furthermore, the expert could help in maintaining correlation between an original data and the translations. One of the major reasons why a business hires a consultant is cost effectiveness. The consultant will be able to provide you the best solution at a reasonable price. Hiring SharePoint experts is a very effective way of saving money and getting the system maintained by a professional in a secure way.

Safeguarding and protecting data from online thieves is a very hard process. Nevertheless, a consultant could provide maximum security to a precious data with the use of the different available options. A good consultant could advice you on the numerous kinds of security options which are available and explains the many measures that could be implemented when protecting data. SharePoint consulting helps in reducing the time needed for a certain work. With an automated workflow, the tasks could be done fast with less or even without errors.

Consultants could offer organizations with a thorough branding and visual customization services. They further could understand organization requirements and the exact needs of each and every business which are unique for any organization. A SharePoint consultant understands that every organization or business would be at a different SharePoint usage stage. These professionals could also hold workshops in order to build solution functionality in collaboration with organization project managers and information technology staff. SharePoint Consultants offer different services to businesses and these services and solutions could help in enhancing the functions in order to achieve growth.

Click here to know more about selecting SharePoint consultancy..

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