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How SharePoint 2016 Transforms The Modern Workplace?

In today’s fast-paced world, time can often slip away from us. Many of us do not even realize how much time we spend on things that aren’t helping us work towards our goals, be it professionally or personally. It has been a year since Microsoft SharePoint 2016 became generally available for public just to make people more productive at work. Although, some of the features may require an Office 365 subscription while others may not.


Each and every new release is boosted in a set of good features and the latest version has made things even better. The company had two most important drives behind this release.

• First, utilizing the innovations that cloud technology provides

• Second, to make substantial enhancement to its hybrid infrastructure

Down below I have mentioned a list of new features available in SharePoint 2016 :

Hybrid SharePoint

One of the most talked about feature of SharePoint 2016 is Hybrid. The tech giant has invested a lot into hybrid technology that makes installations easy and automated. A new ‘Hybrid Scenario Picker’ is incorporated which programmatically configures the server to server and authentication connections. By doing this, one can get SharePoint up and be running in no time.

In fact, with hybrid infrastructure, a SharePoint developer no longer has to be exclusively on-premises or completely rely on the cloud. The most appealing feature of hybrid is the App launcher but for that one needs to have access to Office 365 apps like OneDrive, Delve etc. Next is the Hybrid search feature through which one can search both on-premises and cloud space from one place.

Mobile Experience

Before the release of SharePoint 2016, Microsoft did not have a dedicated app due to which accessing the platform on mobile seemed impossible. Tables are turned now with the launch of the recent version, the look and feel of the app/ its navigation seem to be mind-blowing with a modern design.

In fact, accessing the platform on mobile devices turns out to be quite effective and it makes work easier in regards to the collaborative approach.

Encrypted Connections

How many times have you heard the news of the data being hacked or leaked or breached from top multinational companies? Right from Adobe, eBay to Yahoo, Evernote, Morgan Stanley, there is an endless list of examples where the data is either stolen or leaked by culprits. The latest version carries a strong encryption in place. Moreover, it supports TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security) connection which provides complete privacy and data integrity between two communicating apps.

Other notable enhancements include :

  • Support for Large Files – IF your business demands preserving and sharing file sizes greater than 2 GB, this handy feature supports unlimited file sizes.
  • Media Preview – One can easily preview your images and videos at the hover of your mouse.
  • Durable Links – The feature enables moving the document without having any changes to the URL associated with the file.

A Few Ways SharePoint 2016 Will Improve The Workplace

It’s all about mobile – In an era of productive work cultures, mobility is the key. Apps providing seamless experience will definitely end up making some difference. And with the launch of SharePoint Mobile app, users can access or edit the content over their smartphones. Besides, Microsoft commits to develop the app for the most popular platforms, namely iOS and Android.

Team Sites and Groups – We all are well aware regarding the fact that Microsoft has made a huge investment in Office 365 groups. Of course, these changes are going to be revolutionary in the way one collaborates and create in Team sites and Groups. Several years back, many people were wondering if the team site was dying. The good news is that it’s now back with a vengeance and backed by the powerful capabilities that Groups has to offer.

Machine learning and Office Graph – Microsoft has made a huge investment in machine learning technology which is being implemented into Office Graph. As a result, there will be a huge push in making sure users will have an easier time finding the content they need. This will turn out revolutionary for large organizations who struggle with sharing knowledge across time zones and seas.

Emphasis on OneDrive – There are numerous ways to complete activities, making organization and consistency difficult. Seeing this Microsoft has shifted focus to making OneDrive and move them anywhere else on their SharePoint site for easier organization. However, take any SharePoint development company into account, you will find them hoping to use the sharing features to share documents, instead of emailing them!

Final Thought

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 version turns out to be an extremely valuable tool especially when it’s about increasing the productivity or streamlining the business processes in order to get everyone on the same page. Whether it’s the version management, improved collaboration tools or access to all of your documents anywhere, anytime, SharePoint development has something for every business.

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Experience The Latest And Improved Features Of SharePoint Server 2016

The release of SharePoint Server 2016 has given rise to endless possibilities for end users to play with. Microsoft SharePoint is known for serving various purposes such as the intranet, extranet, content management, document management, personal cloud, business intelligence and so more. And as compared to the release of Microsoft SharePoint development’s first version in 2001, the latest version SharePoint server 2016 includes a new and intuitive bunch of features and specifications.


Let’s have a look at some of the top enticing feature of the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016

New hybrid possibilities

With the push to the cloud, hybrid deployments have become more and more popular. Presently, organizations no longer require to grapple between strictly on-premises deployment or going all in the cloud as they are no more exclusive. Though companies have the same level of security they have on premises but with the cloud, they can even enjoy redefined productivity. In fact, one of the interesting features for the hybrid for the user as well as SharePoint developers is the new app launcher- which acts as a gateway to your office 365 applications. Which means, you are allowed to blend your server and cloud-based experience together seamlessly.

Another most exciting hybrid feature seen by some reliable SharePoint development companies in India is the addition of Hybrid search capabilities. The feature allows you to look for content across both your on-premises and office 365 environments from one place.

One Drive for business

In spite of the fact that this feature has been accessible with SharePoint 2013, SharePoint server 2016 enables the user to redirect you My sites to your office 365 subscription’s one drive for the business host. In a layman’s language, if the user clicks on OneDrive, he will be easily redirected to office 365 My site.

Better Mobile experience

Another interesting feature offered by the latest Microsoft SharePoint development is the new mobile experience. The ability to work from your mobile device gives one the power to collaborate 24*7, from wherever you want to. The previous wasn’t much recommendable as Microsoft did not offer any dedicated app or responsive design. The Latest SharePoint Server 2016 is modern, clean and fresh which means the company is actually focusing on the end user experience and trending towards bringing more productivity through accessible mobile platforms.

Delve and the Office graph

With the latest version, the SharePoint development company brings the power of office 365’s Delve and the Office graph to on premises. The new home page design includes top links, recommended sites and many more activities that offer each user to aggregate through the use of office graph. The version also allows you to launch Delve directly from the on-premises App launcher.

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