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Forecast for 2017 is a continuing enhancements to the SharePoint platform

SharePoint development is synonymous to business efficiency and software developer opportunity. Since its inception SharePoint has become a business platform that meets the different requirements of companies and organizations big and small, in all the four corners of the globe.


Without doubt, last year was the biggest year for the Microsoft business platform in quite some time. This was a welcome change for the SharePoint community from the years of benign neglect since Microsoft focused on Office 365. In 2016 however, all that changed. 2016 was termed as the ‘Year of SharePoint’, as Microsoft performed a series of critical announcements all through the year. Developing SharePoint apps has become a lucrative business for many people who are into software and website development. Now, with the five months down in 2017, there are two huge improvements to SP, together with anticipated announcements in the coming months.


Microsoft continues building on the progress of last year. Finally, it’s addressing how the SP Team Sites live alongside Office 365 Groups. Furthermore, it is making a major move on the development front through discarding a server-side approach as well as embracing client-side, open-source development framework. The two initiatives make up the main stories of the platform in early 2017, the SharePoint Team Sites and SharePoint Development Framework.

SharePoint Team Sites undergo several considerable re-modelling and will be the go-to location for team-based collaboration. The platform integrates with Office 365 groups, wherein each group has full power of an SP Online team website. The Team site content features news that’s related specifically to the teams, together with tailored content hand-chosen by Graph. Now, building new sites only takes a few second and could be directly done from SharePoint home. The new development framework, meant for development tenant users represent transition to contemporary client-side development. It moves away from .NET and based on open-source JS, together with develop tools support such as Gulp and Yeoman. The roadmap of Microsoft for SharePoint this year includes enhancements to mobility, collaboration, intelligence and trust.

Some of the anticipated improvements of SharePoint this year includes the following:

1. Continued enhancements/additions to the development framework when it comes to higher-end customizations.

2. More end-user friendly business apps that are based on Flow and PowerApps.

3. Continuous development with Office 365 and Graph Groups.

4. More extensive Web Parts for building out richer portals and custom pages.

5. Web parts inclusion in News items and Publishing Pages.

6. Increased responsively-designed mobile applications for all platforms, enabling users to navigate portals, websites, lists and document libraries.

7. Team Sites and portals performance enhancements.

8. Feedback-driven updates to lists, doclibs, pages, site applications.

9. Publishing websites.

10. Add-in enhancements.

The Team news feature gets accessed from the SP tile in Office 365 App Launcher. It delivers personalized news feed that’s based on a person’s active websites, the websites that they follow and suggestions from Microsoft Graph. Microsoft Graph is a search technology underlying different Office 365 services. Team news is only the latest user-friendly addition to the home page of SharePoint. With the team news addition, SP home evolves to a single, intuitive location to determine what is happening in all portals and websites, build new sites, perform enterprise-wide search and read all news around. Also, end users now could have some basic copy-and-paste enhancements. It is possible to paste tables from Word docs and keep the format images of the table embedded in a page or Office document, together with associated text now could be copied and pasted. Additionally, the page-loading performance has been enhanced for news contents.

When it comes to mobile apps, Microsoft also announced two enhancements. The enhancements would surface if the applications are newly installed, or if users could wait for a store update. Now, the mobile application for Android devices shows personalized team news through a News tab. It has been possible to see news on the devices for two months. However, now the team news would showcase personalized info that is based on Microsoft Graph. The SP mobile application for IOS device now enables users to make news, which could then be published and appear across home pages and on a team site of SharePoint. Moreover, Microsoft also plans adding a News tab to the application for Windows 10 Mobile, but there is no timeline announced as of yet. Security fixes were also being released.

The next seven months of this year would witness continues improvement of the business platform, making it a more collaborative one. It could integrate with the ever-growing family of products of Microsoft. The focus has shifted increasingly to knocking off barriers as well as making the Microsoft platform more user-friendly and accessible. Business could expect more efficiency and collaboration with the improvements implemented and will be implemented with SharePoint.


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SharePoint Development Company provides consulting and developing services

SharePoint is indeed a cool platform for business. Over the years, it has matured, adding new features for it to compete in the enterprise collaboration, ECM, social and intranet. A SharePoint development company provides consulting as well as developing services and solutions to boost business efficiency. It is the social and collaboration platform of Microsoft, used by four out of five Fortune 500 companies, with more than 125 million users.


SharePoint experts in India have extensive experience in the application of visual designs to the platform, which range from ‘out-of-the-box’ to ‘boilerplate’. Part of the SharePoint consultant roles and responsibilities is to regularly develop different SharePoint environments that include extranets, public websites, intranets and custom apps. In every case, there’s a certain business requirement that sets the customization level, most importantly the level of form over function. Services providers understand the value that companies place in their brand. Understanding the uniqueness and complexities of SharePoint branding and development helps make them experts in this field.

SharePoint is a platform, which helps many enterprises in simplifying their day-to-day activities. Furthermore, it also includes efficient working and the flair of transparency for the company. Most employees and workers find it very simple to work with it since it boosts collaboration between them within the organization. When deciding to take up the platform for a business, there are several things to take into account before hiring a SharePoint development company.

Tips in choosing SharePoint Consulting services in India.

1. Past experience. Appraising the past experience of the SharePoint service provider would definitely help make a better choice. This is because one could figure out if the type of work that the firm does that would suit the company. The consultancy expertise reveals the top development methodologies and practices that help in the decision making process. Check out a few project profiles and studies. These would help determine the types of ventures that the provider usually undertakes and understand the challenges it helps to overcome. Knowledge and process gained from years of creating solutions for various industry verticals would only help the project.

2. Observance of Quality Norms. When trusting a consultancy, ensure to have high quality end result. It will validate the enterprise process, together with promising seamless integration of the platform within the organization. Dedicated experts of the platform could thoroughly observe quality practices and help the business to smoothly function. Effective collaboration is a given when ensuring the quality of the process is upheld, together with all other IT policies.

3. Only hire certified professionals. It is imperative to trust only Microsoft Technology Partners. The certification high lights the provider’s prowess and sets it apart from other offshore developers.

4. List of past clients. Checking out the various costumers served by the consultancy firm is a must. This could be done by reviewing the website of the provider. It would help have a great idea regarding domain expertise, which is vital to determine that they have truly worked on comparable ventures to the company. It also speak volumes about quality of service and efforts, along with other facts. Aside from this, the past success with other organizations make one more confident in entrusting the service provider.

5. Extensive SharePoint knowledge. This is a must for any organization dealing with this specific app. For this field, excellence is paramount. While choosing a provider to outsource a project, keep in mind to check whether the firm is well-versed in a couple of aspects, such as Microsoft SharePoint Consulting and SharePoint support and maintenance.

6. High skills. Ensure that the team of SharePoint specialists is highly skilled and could be easily dealt with when it comes to development issues and could make the most out of the native capabilities of the platform, rather than losing away the chance of having total advantage of the capabilities. Proficient developers could integrate the options provided by native SharePoint.

7. Guide on how the technology works. An effective service provider is one that could guide the client company how the technology works and how one could derive benefits of the app to boost the business. Also, it should support and guide in the license procurement process. Moreover, it should also keep the company informed on the right tool in the app that could be beneficial to any organization.

Innovative SharePoint professionals in India are outfitted adequately with standard tools and advanced technical skills to provide outstanding services. Depending on the different requirements of esteemed clientele, the service providers offer various development services.

Such services could include the following:

A. SDPS or Deployment Planning Services. It developed a deployment plan with countless possibilities with the platform. Best practices are integrated to minimize costs and risks of deployment planning.

B. Site branding. Puts the best efforts to give a professional look and feel to different client sites. The team has great expertise when it comes to using numerous techniques for web promotion as well as branding, including custom themes and custom site templates development.

C. Custom web parts development. Experts have vast innovative skills to deliver web part services to considerably boost the capabilities of the platform.


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SharePoint intranet portal is buzzing. Do you know why?

SharePoint came in buzz right from the 2001 and till now its demand is always growing. In 2001, it was started with the mere file management and in 2003, it was up by adding the web content publishing features. Oracle, Epicentric, Plumtree were the 3 prominent players in the market. And today, Oracle exist amongst the other players. SharePoint is not only the platform for general collaboration, document management but also it is the market leader in both the categories.

SharePoint’s feature and capabilities are extensive

“SharePoint is magical” was shared by Steve Balmer – ex CEO of Microsoft. SharePoint has numerous capabilities like hosting sites, communities for practice, content management, workflow, Social directories, listing and more. SharePoint is connected with all the options, organizations can find a solution that fits their precise business needs. And this is exactly the same case with the SharePoint bit at a high cost. If you are interested in customizing the SharePoint application, it may cost around 100K to 1 million- all and sole depends on the market and scope of the application. In the recent years, SharePoint intranet portals were up with the out of box ideas bringing its cost down drastically.

The future is in the hands of Microsoft

In the beginning of the May 2016, Microsoft launched the latest version of the SharePoint and share their innovative vision. This is of course, that SharePoint is going to impact by the way we work for good. For the rich experience, Microsoft also launched the SharePoint mobile app, SharePoint home in office 365, libraries and list and more. Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Flow are also the integration’s added in the announcements. Other upgrades from SharePoint 2013 include a hybrid deployment model that allows organizations to have a part cloud, part on-premise SharePoint deployments. To ensure that, SharePoint users get the same benefits from the SharePoint functionality, Microsoft has reconstructed their hybrid search feature.

Rich Integration with Office 365

Research from the networks shows that the majority of the employees are using the office365 in their organization. And nowadays, Office 365 is the obvious choice in the firms with the power of being integrated with the SharePoint development. Favorite Office 365 integration features includes: exporting task to outlook, editing documents in word, Yammer connectivity for corporate social networking.

The Bottom line

Experts estimate that within few years, SharePoint intranet will move to 80-90% of the organizations using the out-of-box solutions. This is because, they have a good team of developers and designers who are committed to providing the best of the SharePoint and Office 365 while sticking to the modern designs and brands.

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New survey revealed SharePoint collaboration difficulties

According to a new research released by the information management analyst AIIM, many SharePoint projects have failed to meet the expectations of the users, while similar projects have stalled.


It was found that around 66% people were not satisfied with the features of SharePoint. The main issue was that people are finding very hard to use the products of Microsoft.

Around 75% people argued that SharePoint implementation has no mobile support and rest of the people commented that it is very much irritating and frustrating for the user as it has a lack of mobile support. The ability to ‘distribute documents in a controlled way’ was seen as important for nine out of 10 polled.

The chief analyst of AIIM quoted that, there is a sure need of some high improvements on SharePoint. He additionally explained that less than 2% people reported that the SharePoint improvements would benefit in new SharePoint 2016. Moreover, he also added that enterprise has got the great opportunity to maximize the return value by increasing the SharePoint capabilities. And hence, it would also enhance the process of engagement beyond the limits of a sky.

Due to increase in the engagement of the mobile device, it would improve the productivity and operational efficiency. It also enables the employees of the organization to interact at anytime and anywhere.

SharePoint is, of course, the main element of the Microsoft’s portfolio but improvements are always must especially when there are many negative feedbacks. Another software provider name Harmon came into existence in September by launching one product which set ups the goal to integrate with SharePoint and Outlook to provide a repository for faster emails and beefier efforts with documents such as approvals and contracts. The study revealed by AIIM that, most of the people polled for not using the SharePoint for email management.


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What innovations can we expect from SharePoint2016?

From more than a decade, SharePoint has been delivering amazing features and functionalities from small startups to large scale enterprise. Before some years, SharePoint 2013 was released, and Microsoft has shown a vast difference in a lot many things since then, especially in Office 365. However, the IT developers and users are eagerly waiting for the SharePoint 2016.

A key feature of SharePoint 2016 is to concentrate on conveying on-premise deployments and cloud innovations through hybrid deployments of SharePoint Server with Office 365. Some other enhancements in SharePoint 2016 are planned to be available in the second quarter of 2016.

Three key features in which functionalities delivered in SharePoint 2016 are

Improved user experience

Cloud- inspired infrastructure

Compliance and reporting

Improved User Experience

For increasing the effectiveness of the business in any organization, optimized decision making, and maintaining connections are the key points. The most necessary thing at the workplace today is accessing information at one go. Hence, it is expected that SharePoint 2016 will be up with the modified mobile access to applications, content and more.

The end user will see the improvements in the file storage and document collaboration with SharePoint 2016 becoming more and more people – centric. Additionally, due to a hybrid implementation of Office 365 and SharePoint Server 2016, users will find the new improved experience and new capabilities in on-premise deployment.

Moreover, the information which is stored on-premise and cloud environment, users can fetch the similar data easily and quickly with SharePoint 2016 powered by Office Delve and Graph. Additionally, communications can be streamlined by integrating the high enhancing new media like Yammer and Office 365 Video.

Cloud- inspired infrastructure

Reliability, performance, Scaling and more can be improved in SharePoint 2016 by bringing your internal investment to the data center. Due to hybrid scenarios, users will be able to enhance the actual on-premises investment.

It has got the standard set of APIs that will help to enable a broad ecosystem of partners and solutions that move beyond the clouds and on-premises. Support ticket for the user will be more simplified and training would be provided for IT pro in the products like Windows Server, Exchange Server 2016 and the next generation SQL Server.

Compliance and Reporting

SharePoint 2016 is developed with the range of functionalities to give protection to your sensitive data and helps in preventing the data loss. It is also integrated with data encryption compliance tools that cross over on-premises servers and Office 365 ensuring the content that sticks to the policy of the content. This tool is designed because over exposure of data always have legal compliance implications.


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Napa a Modern effective tool for SharePoint development

O 2Napa is a SharePoint development tool that is centered on the idea to develop in the cloud. By getting a developer Office 365 account, one could get access to a development environment that is available from any browser and has the ability to build projects that could be saved and opened later. Today, there are remarkable changes in Napa since its first launch in July 2012, easing the work of SharePoint developers considerably.

The updated Napa version includes enhancements in new templates, user experience, improved task pane apps for Office support, a Mails application activation rules editor as well as new social features. One could virtually code from any device with no need to download or install anything. The development tool was made as a getting started tool to develop applications for Office and of course SharePoint. It is furthermore considered a lightweight companion to Visual Studio to help users become familiar with the applications for SharePoint.

Developing on the cloud makes a developers life so much easier. Napa Office 365 development tools offer a great way of building apps for SharePoint directly from out of the browser windows. There is no need to install any other tools like Visual Studio. All that is needed is an Office 365 account and a supported browser. Napa makes it easy to download a project and continue the development of an application for both Office and SharePoint. Moreover, the tools provide a page for managing projects. The page could then be used to build a mail application, task pane application, content application or SharePoint app project and rename and delete projects as well. Moreover, it also enables opening any project in Visual Studio if one decides to leverage features like advanced debugging or the capability to utilize a web project as part of an app for SharePoint.

Since it is web based, developing for SharePoint does not require installing anything on a machine or computer. As an application matures and there is more need for advanced tools, a developer could switch to the more powerful, fully featured Visual Studio IDE seamlessly and continue to develop there. Nevertheless, in parallel with Napa, a developer could still continue to use the current extensibility models for SharePoint such as COM, VSTO, VBA and SharePoint solutions. With Napa, SharePoint 2013 could now combine with onsite Windows Phone 7 apps or with SharePoint services that run on the cloud, such as service used for SharePoint online. This enables developers to build extremely power apps that are capable of creating upon functionality and ultimately extending it beyond what is capable on traditional laptops or desktops.

Once a developer signs up and logs into SharePoint 2013 online, Napa could be added to the SharePoint developer site from the SharePoint store. The tools could help in visualization, collaboration and productivity. In addition, it also offers a very good feature name as Share Project in which one could share applications with others. The Share Project feature makes a copy of the application project and offers developers a public link that could be given to anyone to allow theme to view a copy of the project.

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The new best practices for a streamlined farm design in SharePoint 2013 version

In configuring and maintaining SharePoint Server 2013 relational databases on SQL Server 2008 RS with Service Pack (SP1), SQL Server 2014 and SQL Server 2012, one has to make choices that promote security and performance.

Microsoft has recently released the streamlined topology in SharePoint version 2013, a new way of building and configuring the farm. When it comes to the physical topology, there are three tiered approach since MOSS 2007. In it, there were Web Tier, Application Tier and Database Tier. In SP 2010, there was not much changed and has almost the same 3-tier topology except Application level. However, dedicated hosts could be added in app tiers for high execution service applications such as Performance Point, Search and more.

In the 2013 version, there were more service apps and a lot of these could be categorized in similar groups which are either based on their RAM and CPU requirements, or based either on their throughput, latency or workloads/resource utilization, for optimizing system resources and to maximize user rendition. All the WCF and windows services could be divided into very low, low and high tolerant inactivity and this may need dividing up application tiers in numerous tiers for every kind of latency tolerant utility applications.

Streamline Farm Design Sharepoint

Microsoft has provided an alternative farm design topology through redefining the traditional web and app tier to numerous tiers. The traditional web tier is redefined as Caching and Request Processing which would group same web front end hosts for request of end user processing, together with new amenity apps, including Request Management and Distributed Cache what would need a very low latency but extremely inflated throughout. The request management by default is disabled and the distributed cache is enabled by default. As the request manager is CPU intensive while the distributed cache is memory intensive, both services could share the same server with no need for any major implementation hit.

The Traditional app level is divided into two optimized tiers, the front end servers and batch processing hosts.


These would group same service applications that could serve user requests with low resource use, low latency and optimized for a more rapid performance and response time. Services such as managed metadata, central admin, user profile, app management, search query role and business data connectivity are ideal for this.


Would group similar service applications that typically would require long running background processes, high resource use and high latency as well as optimized for higher workload through maximizing system resources. The services ideal for this include work management, user profile sync, workflow, machine translation, search crawl, index role and more. For big scale farms, the batch processing level can be grouped further to specialized load servers for utilities like performance point, search or excel that could cause high performance spikes during peak season.

The database layer remains the same in both streamlined and traditional model. The servers could either be mirrored, clustered or configured with Always On. Depending on the situation, farm size and number of users, one could get away with running the traditional three tiered approach so long as they have ample hardware resources such as CPU and RAM allocated.

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