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SharePoint Business to Business Collaboration

SharePoint business-to-business collaboration is a great way to extend the collaborative power of organizations and employees. B2B collaboration is the key to the success of any business.

The SharePoint Extranet is an extranet site in SharePoint that organizations build to enable external users to have access to important content and collaborate with them. Extranet websites allow a way for partners to do business with the organization in a secure manner. The content for a partner is kept in a single storage and they only have the content and access that they need. There is no need to email the documents back and forth or use tools that are not IT-sanctioned.



Traditionally, the deployment of SharePoint on-premises extranet website involves complex configuration for establishing governance and security measures, which include granting access inside the corporate firewall and costly on-doing and initial cost. But, with Office 365 SharePoint online, partners directly connect to a members-only site in Office 365, with no need to access to the corporate on-premises environment or any other Office 365 website. Extranet websites could be accessed from anywhere.


Industry verticals wherein B2B or business-to-business collaboration is key to their success include manufacturing, automotive, energy and retail.


The key features offered in SharePoint Online B2B collaboration include the following:

1. SPO Cloud B2B. IN an SPO Cloud B2B, one could have both extranet and intranet sites in the same SP online tenant. One could enable sharing with user initiated invitations but with added Information Technology control.

2. Enables users to invite new partner users. In specific Site Collections, Admins could opt to allow users to invite new partner users. An email invite is stent to the partner user and the user should redeem the invitation to access the resource.

3. Restricted domains sharing. Admins could control the partner domains list that the employees could share with outside the organization. An allow list of email domains or a deny list of email domains could be configured.

4. Site-owners only sharing. The ability to have site collections wherein only Owners could bring in or share with new users. Site members that typically are external partner users, could only see the existing site members in the site. This helps govern what partners could see and with home they could share corporate partnership documents.

5. Auditing and Reporting. Activities of the business partner users are audited. Moreover, reports could be viewed in Office 365 Activity Reports.


1. Grow. As the business grows, so does the partners to collaborate with. Office 365 provides the flexibility to expand the number of extranet websites as well as the contents within a site.

2. Secure sharing. It offers a secure sharing experience with the IT governance as well as the policies that one needs.

3. Cost-savings and time to value. Office 365 SharePoint Hybrid extranet offers big and short time to value. It eradicates the need to create an expensive on-premises extranet websites since no additional hardware is required. Furthermore, it greatly minimizes resource and labor costs. The IT department could concentrate on more important works than building and maintaining an extranet infrastructure.

4. No need for any on-premises infrastructure. With Office 365, there’s no need to crate on-premises extranet infrastructure.

5. Seamless collaboration. Collaborate with partner users as if they’re part of the organization, which include instant messaging and the ability to do Skype conference calls. It depends on one how much productivity capabilities to empower partner users is required.

6. Security. Office 365m SharePoint B2B Extranet provides secure collaboration with partners with enhanced IT control, which include:

  • The ability of protecting one’s self from accidental sharing, by having tenant admins and/or site owners could allow site-owners only sharing, that prevents site users from bringing new users to the site.
  • The ability to restrict an external partner users to only accept invitations from the email address where the invitation was sent, external partner users to use the corporate Office 365 organization account or a Microsoft account for accessing a site that was made solely for them.
  • Restricting external partner form access to any other site. They are restricted to only their site and could not search for or see any content or users outside the site.

7. Audit reporting and governance. Office 365 SharePoint Online provides visibility into the content access via external partner users. One of the major IT benefits is to be able to audit usage, which include being able to see who’s inviting whom and when an external user logs in to access content.

SharePoint B2B collaboration extends the collaborative power of employees and builds a secure, single location where files could be accessed easily.

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How SharePoint 2016 Transforms The Modern Workplace?

In today’s fast-paced world, time can often slip away from us. Many of us do not even realize how much time we spend on things that aren’t helping us work towards our goals, be it professionally or personally. It has been a year since Microsoft SharePoint 2016 became generally available for public just to make people more productive at work. Although, some of the features may require an Office 365 subscription while others may not.


Each and every new release is boosted in a set of good features and the latest version has made things even better. The company had two most important drives behind this release.

• First, utilizing the innovations that cloud technology provides

• Second, to make substantial enhancement to its hybrid infrastructure

Down below I have mentioned a list of new features available in SharePoint 2016 :

Hybrid SharePoint

One of the most talked about feature of SharePoint 2016 is Hybrid. The tech giant has invested a lot into hybrid technology that makes installations easy and automated. A new ‘Hybrid Scenario Picker’ is incorporated which programmatically configures the server to server and authentication connections. By doing this, one can get SharePoint up and be running in no time.

In fact, with hybrid infrastructure, a SharePoint developer no longer has to be exclusively on-premises or completely rely on the cloud. The most appealing feature of hybrid is the App launcher but for that one needs to have access to Office 365 apps like OneDrive, Delve etc. Next is the Hybrid search feature through which one can search both on-premises and cloud space from one place.

Mobile Experience

Before the release of SharePoint 2016, Microsoft did not have a dedicated app due to which accessing the platform on mobile seemed impossible. Tables are turned now with the launch of the recent version, the look and feel of the app/ its navigation seem to be mind-blowing with a modern design.

In fact, accessing the platform on mobile devices turns out to be quite effective and it makes work easier in regards to the collaborative approach.

Encrypted Connections

How many times have you heard the news of the data being hacked or leaked or breached from top multinational companies? Right from Adobe, eBay to Yahoo, Evernote, Morgan Stanley, there is an endless list of examples where the data is either stolen or leaked by culprits. The latest version carries a strong encryption in place. Moreover, it supports TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security) connection which provides complete privacy and data integrity between two communicating apps.

Other notable enhancements include :

  • Support for Large Files – IF your business demands preserving and sharing file sizes greater than 2 GB, this handy feature supports unlimited file sizes.
  • Media Preview – One can easily preview your images and videos at the hover of your mouse.
  • Durable Links – The feature enables moving the document without having any changes to the URL associated with the file.

A Few Ways SharePoint 2016 Will Improve The Workplace

It’s all about mobile – In an era of productive work cultures, mobility is the key. Apps providing seamless experience will definitely end up making some difference. And with the launch of SharePoint Mobile app, users can access or edit the content over their smartphones. Besides, Microsoft commits to develop the app for the most popular platforms, namely iOS and Android.

Team Sites and Groups – We all are well aware regarding the fact that Microsoft has made a huge investment in Office 365 groups. Of course, these changes are going to be revolutionary in the way one collaborates and create in Team sites and Groups. Several years back, many people were wondering if the team site was dying. The good news is that it’s now back with a vengeance and backed by the powerful capabilities that Groups has to offer.

Machine learning and Office Graph – Microsoft has made a huge investment in machine learning technology which is being implemented into Office Graph. As a result, there will be a huge push in making sure users will have an easier time finding the content they need. This will turn out revolutionary for large organizations who struggle with sharing knowledge across time zones and seas.

Emphasis on OneDrive – There are numerous ways to complete activities, making organization and consistency difficult. Seeing this Microsoft has shifted focus to making OneDrive and move them anywhere else on their SharePoint site for easier organization. However, take any SharePoint development company into account, you will find them hoping to use the sharing features to share documents, instead of emailing them!

Final Thought

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 version turns out to be an extremely valuable tool especially when it’s about increasing the productivity or streamlining the business processes in order to get everyone on the same page. Whether it’s the version management, improved collaboration tools or access to all of your documents anywhere, anytime, SharePoint development has something for every business.

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It’s time to enhance your SharePoint Application development Capabilities

The usability of SharePoint has been overlooked to a great extent. SharePoint is one of the best web application platforms in the Microsoft Office server suite. Launched back in 2001 and sold as a document management and storage system, Microsoft SharePoint turns out to be highly configurable and ends up developing powerful apps that fulfill key business processes.


Why is Microsoft SharePoint important?

According to Microsoft, SharePoint was sold over 36.5 million user licenses and was used by 78% of fortune 500 companies between the year 2006 and 2011. Down below I would like to mention a few unmatchable benefits of using the platform.

Context around documents and folders

A traditional document storage facility is basically a folder on a server somewhere. While on the other hand, SharePoint brings context around the folder itself by tracking versions of the document. And this is the reason why SharePoint is more effective than the traditional method. For instance, in a traditional setup, one cannot have a running version history for each document or see any changes to the file name whereas SharePoint provides more information regarding the file, an evolving piece of information.

Enables constant communication among the staff

A few years back, you may find yourself sending a group email and copy to everyone. The only disadvantage of using this approach is that a lot of information gets ignored or even lost at times. Thus, people may not receive the information they need. For example, you lost a company document or missed an important discussion. In such cases, platforms like SharePoint brings a strong collaboration to the table so that all staff members can view essential document or information accordingly.

Information is stored in a central location

Starting from taking updates from the CEO to important meetings or events, SharePoint development brings all information to one internal place so that staff can quickly find the information they need. Other than this, cases might be carried out regarding general warnings about particular customers or incidents that everyone needs to be aware of. The platform simply posts the message and everyone can access information from there.

Regardless of the approach, down below are mentioned certain ways that can improve one’s SharePoint application development capabilities.

  • Leverage collaboration features

One of the biggest advantages of SharePoint development is that it comprises of a plethora of collaborative features to enhance the functionality of application developed using the platform. One of the top collaborative options is community sites that are modeled on Facebook allowing employees to communicate with one another in numerous ways based on shared interests instead of the departmental affiliation.

As a result, more and more SharePoint developers could enhance the worth of such communities simply by adding microblogging, news feeds, tagging and a bunch of other interesting features. Another interesting collaborative tool is OneDrive for business. The tool enables storing digital documents in a central cloud-based repository that facilitates easy access and share.

On and all, applying the right mix of collaborative features in application development can provide free flow of information and open communication for better decision-making capabilities.

  • Offer deep integration with enterprise communication

Sharepoint’s collaboration features extend to offer deep integration with the available enterprise communication infrastructure.

Although, software developers may leverage the integration with the help of Skype or Lync in order to offer a powerful way to communicate with customers and colleagues without even leaving the platform. The same functionality may also be used to make accurate contact information of participants, especially during online meetings.

  • Improved search functionality

With the innovation of revamped search core in SharePoint 2013. FAST Search, a powerful search engine tool operating within the company networks makes quite easy for users to search and locate stashed away enterprise content that includes query results from multiple locations, authored documents, information on previous projects, contact information and so more. Further speaking about the platform, it also co-opts Microsoft Bing capabilities that provide a seamless and easy out of the box experience for the end users.

Today most of the SharePoint development companies leverage advanced search capabilities in order to offer content by search, continuous crawl and for general performance enhancement.

  • Provide mobile functionality

In 2007 and 2010 versions, the company offered native mobile functionality which turned out to be pretty weak and best forgotten. SharePoint 2013 makes amends by introducing a slew of mobile tools such as:

  • A new “contemporary view” that easily renders almost all the sites in HTML5 and offers better mobile browsing experience including best touchstone interaction.
  • New back-end mobile “channels” automatically rearranges SharePoint site rendering for different mobile devices.
  • Geo-location tags, news feeds, push notifications just to alert users on new content. Moreover, one can experience improved viewing of MS-Office documents to provide more convenience and unlock new possibilities for mobile.

Additional tip : Several third-party apps such as colligo email manager, infra Infragistics SharePlus, Filamente, and Harmon can make the SharePoint mobile experience better, and more responsive.

  • Enterprise social networking

Like I said before, many SharePoint collaborative features such as community sites and enhanced search capabilities are made to facilitate enterprise social networking. Developers seeking to further social collaboration may explore enterprise social networking such as NewsGator and Jive Software that seamlessly connects to SharePoint and offers mobile capabilities like never before.

Other niche capabilities offered in SharePoint development is the easy drag and drop feature which requires the minimal code but still turns out to be very effective.

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SharePoint Development Company services to boost business processes

A SharePoint development company could build solutions that boost business processes using Microsoft’s SharePoint platform. With SharePoint, a business could discover, distribute and gain easy access to important information throughout all organization levels. SP is a popular tool that has helped organizations boost effectiveness via simplifying different business processes. Furthermore, SharePoint simplifies collaboration and communication of internal staff.



For a business interested in SP implementation, it’s necessary to get in touch with highly experienced SharePoint consultant services. A SharePoint development team could help create truly safe and functional SP websites, portals, intranets, extranets and a whole lot more. SharePoint gives exceptional flexibility to the company with full control and security of data. Expertise in SharePoint module development, which focuses primarily on the basic points to achieve the desirable target of the client is integral. SharePoint development is a way of using business intelligence or BI to boost effectiveness and profitability. SharePoint developers use their skills as well as in-built tools to enhance productivity of websites and system solutions. This could include enabling rapid data analysis, quick search, document management structure and implementation of custom SP app, which all leads to optimization of business management and profit growth.

SharePoint is a web apps development platform for content management. Furthermore, it is a range of technologies that are used widely for creating web portals, websites, company portals, CMS, blogs, wikis and other business tools. Customizing SharePoint for particular business requirements is a common practice. Nonetheless, getting the job done is not as easy. In most instances, admins struggle to take on the developer role, aside from designing and engineering. Often, this causes a liability for a company. A lot of businesses could opt to outsource consulting services to an offshore SharePoint consultancy firm. Developers who are experts in the platform are trained to create. Administrators on the other hand understand and more skilled in managing processes.

By hiring a developer for SharePoint consulting services, an organization could gain critical advantages, such as the following.

1. Enhanced productivity. SharePoint enables easy development of workflows, which enable users in a company to connect. The efficiency and speed in which the connection happens has direct impact on the response time of the organization to customer requirements.

2. Competitive advantage. Becoming an industry leader requires a business to stay a few steps ahead of the competition. The SharePoint platform enables creating solutions that are unique, which help an organization to become a trailblazer. Developers of the platform could leverage the features of SharePoint to ensure that the business stays innovative.

3. Increased functionality. The Microsoft platform is most popular as document management and collaboration tool. A consulting expert could extend the capabilities of the app and develop solutions that are customized, which provide important functionality. When the business has a problem that out-of-the-box SharePoint could not solve, a developer could use their expertise in extending the platform and solve the issue. An effective way of tapping into the advanced document management functionality of SharePoint is a customized document approval process, which include email notifications that are based on role as well as approval stage, which speeds ups the review processes while at the same time retaining full control and security of the important documents of an organization.

4. Boost ROI. For any business venture, the bottom line is to maximize investment. A SharePoint development company could help an organization realize fundamental and of course financial returns. Through integrating the SharePoint platform into other enterprise apps, like finance, CRM or supply chain, a developer could help a business minimize development costs as well as boost output, maximizing ROI across the whole enterprise ecosystem.

5. Minimized organizational costs. If the out-of-the-box features of SharePoint satisfy the needs of a business, adding a developer to the team is an advantage still. Rather than spending money on training the existing personnel to use the feature, a business could save money by hiring an expert developer, freeing up the existing staff or personnel to focus on their income-generating tasks.

Hiring a SharePoint developers could offer important benefits. The benefits are key, whatever the industry, size and needs of the organization. Furthermore, as the business grows, a developer could modify the platform with more features to ensure that the organization continues reaping the critical benefits. Since the platform’s debut in 2001, it has managed to grab the lion’s share of the web platform. Over eighty-percent of Fortune 500 companies use and integrate SharePoint into their business processes. As a collaborative business tool, it has been proven to be a very effective one that has greatly changed the way organizations do business, cater to customer needs and requirements and simplify internal business processes and systems. Hiring a SharePoint developer is truly a beneficial venture for businesses of all kinds, sizes and location.

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