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SharePoint Development Companies India

SharePoint is a leading tools that’s used by 78 percent of Fortune 500 companies all over the world. It is an industry leading platform and not just for bigger corporations but small ones could also benefit from it as well. Organizations with numerous locations and distributed teams face issues that are related to exchange and collaboration of information and documents. SharePoint is an enterprise information portal offering a huge range of benefits and features to a company of any size. It could be configured to build intranet, extranet and internet websites. If offers an array of sharing and collaboration tools, document management, server for storing all data, workflows, search engine and business intelligence tools and many more.


TatvaSoft is an expert SharePoint development company with a team that consists of technical consultants, architects and software developers. Its full service SP consulting includes each and every part of a project lifecycle, beginning from business process analysis, study of the requirement, architecture design, implementation and deployment. The SharePoint team possesses ample experience in the platform’s object model, web services, and database and web parts. Furthermore, the developers are highly experienced in solutions programming that are secure, robust, modular and simplified with the business requirements and trends.

These are some of the services the SharePoint Development Company offers.

1. Designing and Branding SP Websites and Templates

2. Development of Custom Web Parts

3. Integration of Active Directory

4. Integration of Workflow and InfoPath from Designs

5. Implementation and Deployment of SharePoint Website

6. Developing Component in ASP.NET

7. Site Definitions and Definitions of Portal Area

8. Migration and Re-Engineering

9. SharePoint App Integration

10. Configuration, Setting, Customization and Branding of Office 365 Website

11. Support and Maintenance

The service provider has expertise in SharePoint Office 365 and extensive experience in Enterprise Intranet portals, centralized document management system with comprehensive search and role-based access functionality. It also has experience in enterprise collaboration solution with multi-level facility and workflow for dynamically defining business rules. The company also has experience in developing custom web parts, components and tools, SharePoint app integration with Active Directory, web and desktop apps.

The personnel are the most integral asset of any service oriented organization and thus it counts a great deal in an Indian IT company. This is so true for a company that provides custom software development services not just locally but on the international scene as well. The team at TatvaSoft has numerous IT professionals with significant experience in creating a design, development and management of projects worldwide. The well-knit team is composed of goal-oriented and qualified professionals. It combines the best processes, technology and of course people to achieve customer satisfaction in a consistent manner.

The development team is best defined as ambitious, amiable, youthful and passionate. It inherits its qualities from the people who have a strong drive to excel and to deliver work that is of high quality, therefore bringing value to clients and have fun along the way as well. In the Information Technology industry, people are always the most important asset. It is the people who will be able to deliver what the client needs. The company expects from its people accountability, leadership, staying accountable for individual as well as teamwork, honesty and trust, leadership as the key essence for each and every one, openness to innovate through questioning, disagreeing and suggesting. The team is also expected to share ideas, listen to colleagues and of course the clients and accept constructive criticism.

TatvaSoft is a Microsoft Gold certified and CMMI Level 3 software development company, which focuses on timely delivery, high quality and cost-effective IT solutions and outsourcing services. It has a varied and rich experience of more than sixteen years developing solutions and systems using stringent quality standards, ensuring each and every business an edge over the competition. The global software outsourcing model ensure the delivery of maximum targeted result to the clientele. It serves clients across the globe with offices in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States and of course the development center in India.

The software development company is comprised of a team of young and restless individuals who want to achieve numerous milestones while maintaining work quality. It nurtures the work environment, encouraging its employees to pour in their talent and come up with innovative technology solutions for the clientele. It is creating a win-win scenario with everyone who is associated with the company, the clientele, or the employees. Creativity, transparency, individual freedom and strong team rapport are considered as the four robust pillars on which the company stands firmly. Moreover, the company want to be leaders with strength in the development of software solutions as well as business apps and create and organization that is admired and respected for its vision and values.

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SharePoint Development Company provides consulting and developing services

SharePoint is indeed a cool platform for business. Over the years, it has matured, adding new features for it to compete in the enterprise collaboration, ECM, social and intranet. A SharePoint development company provides consulting as well as developing services and solutions to boost business efficiency. It is the social and collaboration platform of Microsoft, used by four out of five Fortune 500 companies, with more than 125 million users.


SharePoint experts in India have extensive experience in the application of visual designs to the platform, which range from ‘out-of-the-box’ to ‘boilerplate’. Part of the SharePoint consultant roles and responsibilities is to regularly develop different SharePoint environments that include extranets, public websites, intranets and custom apps. In every case, there’s a certain business requirement that sets the customization level, most importantly the level of form over function. Services providers understand the value that companies place in their brand. Understanding the uniqueness and complexities of SharePoint branding and development helps make them experts in this field.

SharePoint is a platform, which helps many enterprises in simplifying their day-to-day activities. Furthermore, it also includes efficient working and the flair of transparency for the company. Most employees and workers find it very simple to work with it since it boosts collaboration between them within the organization. When deciding to take up the platform for a business, there are several things to take into account before hiring a SharePoint development company.

Tips in choosing SharePoint Consulting services in India.

1. Past experience. Appraising the past experience of the SharePoint service provider would definitely help make a better choice. This is because one could figure out if the type of work that the firm does that would suit the company. The consultancy expertise reveals the top development methodologies and practices that help in the decision making process. Check out a few project profiles and studies. These would help determine the types of ventures that the provider usually undertakes and understand the challenges it helps to overcome. Knowledge and process gained from years of creating solutions for various industry verticals would only help the project.

2. Observance of Quality Norms. When trusting a consultancy, ensure to have high quality end result. It will validate the enterprise process, together with promising seamless integration of the platform within the organization. Dedicated experts of the platform could thoroughly observe quality practices and help the business to smoothly function. Effective collaboration is a given when ensuring the quality of the process is upheld, together with all other IT policies.

3. Only hire certified professionals. It is imperative to trust only Microsoft Technology Partners. The certification high lights the provider’s prowess and sets it apart from other offshore developers.

4. List of past clients. Checking out the various costumers served by the consultancy firm is a must. This could be done by reviewing the website of the provider. It would help have a great idea regarding domain expertise, which is vital to determine that they have truly worked on comparable ventures to the company. It also speak volumes about quality of service and efforts, along with other facts. Aside from this, the past success with other organizations make one more confident in entrusting the service provider.

5. Extensive SharePoint knowledge. This is a must for any organization dealing with this specific app. For this field, excellence is paramount. While choosing a provider to outsource a project, keep in mind to check whether the firm is well-versed in a couple of aspects, such as Microsoft SharePoint Consulting and SharePoint support and maintenance.

6. High skills. Ensure that the team of SharePoint specialists is highly skilled and could be easily dealt with when it comes to development issues and could make the most out of the native capabilities of the platform, rather than losing away the chance of having total advantage of the capabilities. Proficient developers could integrate the options provided by native SharePoint.

7. Guide on how the technology works. An effective service provider is one that could guide the client company how the technology works and how one could derive benefits of the app to boost the business. Also, it should support and guide in the license procurement process. Moreover, it should also keep the company informed on the right tool in the app that could be beneficial to any organization.

Innovative SharePoint professionals in India are outfitted adequately with standard tools and advanced technical skills to provide outstanding services. Depending on the different requirements of esteemed clientele, the service providers offer various development services.

Such services could include the following:

A. SDPS or Deployment Planning Services. It developed a deployment plan with countless possibilities with the platform. Best practices are integrated to minimize costs and risks of deployment planning.

B. Site branding. Puts the best efforts to give a professional look and feel to different client sites. The team has great expertise when it comes to using numerous techniques for web promotion as well as branding, including custom themes and custom site templates development.

C. Custom web parts development. Experts have vast innovative skills to deliver web part services to considerably boost the capabilities of the platform.


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