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SharePoint for iOS

A new way of reaching intranet content on smart devices is SharePoint on iOS. It keeps the work moving forward via fast access to team sites, company portals and resources.

SharePoint on iOS is a new way of reaching intranet content on devices. One could download and install the application from the app store on a device. After logging into the SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server, one could navigate SharePoint websites, see links to the sites the company has marked as important, check out profiles of people and search for people, documents and sites.



The new SharePoint mobile app helps keep the work moving forward through providing fast access to the team websites, resources and organization portals and even a look into what persons you work with are working on. This new app is infused with the Microsoft Graph intelligence, which applies machine learning to an Office 365 activity to connect to pertinent documents and the people around. The SharePoint mobile application works with SharePoint Online in Office 365, SharePoint Server 2013 and 2016 on-premises and hybrid environment. Upon launching the app on an iPhone, there will be a prompt to sign in with the SP credentials. The SP mobile app allows easy switching between accounts.

The mobile app of SharePoint also links to other Office applications. For instance, when clicking an Office document in Recent files pivot, it would take directly into the corresponding Office mobile application. In the same way, when accessing a SharePoint document library within a team website, one would be taken into the OneDrive mobile application for iOS to see, share, discover and manage files that are stored across Office 365.


Recently, SharePoint on iOS got an update with Team News and Personalized News that bring the application to version 2.0. In addition to small bug fixes and application stability enhancements, there are other changes to SharePoint on iOS.


For SharePoint Online, news that were created on team sites would be available on both the web and in the SharePoint application. The feature enables reading on status updates, important documents, trip reports and many more. Take note that the news functionality currently is being rolled out in the online service of SharePoint.


Personalized news bring news from the websites one is working in, the websites that one follows and the sites the closest colleagues work in. Keep in mind that the personalized news function would appear as a new tab as soon as team news become available for the company.


The release of iOS is the first of the mobile app releases. It provides four major User Interface areas.


The People tab offers the visibility as to what the people that one works with is working on. Find and browse colleagues in your network. Tap on a particular person to view their contact card and to determine or know what they work on and who they are working with that’s based on the powered intelligence by Office 365.


The SharePoint mobile application offers search throughout with clean results that are filtered by files, websites and people. When doing a search in the SP mobile app, one connects via full enterprise search, thus one could find people and content from across the intranet, SP team websites, organization portals and OneDrive for business folders.


The Sites tab takes one to a list of websites frequently visited, as well as sites followed. Click on a website to see recent activity, files and the website’s assets, such as lists, documents, sub-sites, pages and more. One could also share the website. When clicking on a team site, one immediately will see how the SP mobile application renders the site elements natively beautifully and rapidly.


The Links tab leads to the portals and websites programmed for everyone in the company to see. These are curated by the SharePoint admin from the SP home in Office 365. Mobile-designed and responsive portals would shine through in the application. Microsoft too invests in responsive design as a top priority to make sure all new experiences are responsive and mobile by default.


The SP mobile application brings key features form the popular enterprise collaboration to smart phones, namely the iOS for easier time of accessing things such as company bulletins, SharePoint apps and shared workspaces on the go. This is vital for Microsoft, because launching a mobile application makes the platform more relevant for a workforce that is increasingly attempting to access work data on their phones.


The SharePoint mobile application for iOS is only the first step on the SharePoint mobile journey. People are excited to continue building on what the platform has started. They will continue to deliver improvements to the application, like support of cross-company announcements and news.

Great news for organizations far and wide is the availability of SharePoint on iOS from the Apple app store.


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SharePoint enhancements arriving on the fourth quarter of 2017

Microsoft provided an updated roadmap for SharePoint and SharePoint development on the fourth quarter of this year. Microsoft in general is working on four areas to ‘reinvent’ productivity with the platform, such as mobility, collaboration, trust and intelligence. The approach holistically is to allow one to discover, share and collaborate intelligently on content anytime, anywhere and on any device of choice.


The Team News feature for the business tool, announced at Ignite now is at the ‘first release’ test stage. It rolled out to ten percent of the first release of Microsoft participants. Users make Team News in a Team Site and the content could be consumed in a browser. Team News also is coming to mobile phone apps. It will arrive in an update to iOS application first before being implemented in other mobile operating platforms. It could consume all the News across various Team Sites, based on the activity of users or machine learning. The feature Intelligent People Cards has been released and now is in the Lists and Document Libraries. It could be accessed via the Outlook Web App, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. It uses the Microsoft search technology for showcasing content on what people are working on.

Also released are the SharePoint Mobile Apps for Android and Windows. The mobile app for Windows 10 now is in the Windows Store. The Android version would be coming soon. In the SharePoint development process, still to come in the fourth quarter are feed-back driven updates and next generation sync for Team Sites, rapid Site creation as well as the release of the SharePoint Framework for developers all over the world. Now, OneDrive for Business has a new Discover Tab and People Card. The next generation sync client gets better at syncing OneDrive for Business files. However, the sync efforts of Microsoft had a tough start two years ago. Microsoft announced at Ignite that it would be possible to sync Document Libraries and SharePoint Online sites by the end of this year. Additionally, sync could address the platform on premises further down the line.

During the first half of this year, Microsoft planned on delivering enhancements to Publishing Sites. The ability for users to create Publishing Sites easily would be coming early part of next year. Web parts would be coming to Publishing pages and News Items. Creating new sites and uploading content would be easier. Also, portals and Team sites would have some performance-tuning improvements. With over 100 million active users monthly, Office 365 offers the most intelligent, secure and intelligent service for collaboration and communications. SharePoint plays an integral role in Office 365, empowering clients sharing and managing content, apps and knowledge to build a workplace that is more connected. Microsoft plans on releasing Feature Pack 1 for SharePoint Server on premises in November.

It would bring a new UI for OneDrive as well as the custom App Launcher. Moreover, it would support more hybrid capabilities, like a unified taxonomy and auditing capabilities. It would add IT admin controls and a few new developer capabilities around the framework. As clients transition towards the cloud, there would be tremendous SharePoint adoption. In the past year, SharePoint usage has grown 90 percent, stored content ballooned to 300 percent and more than ten million new SP websites were created. More than 60 percent of SharePoint seats now are online, which reflect the value that customers see with the platform in Office 365.

OneDrive enables sharing files with anyone in a secure manner, in or outside the organization. The deep Office integration powering rich co-authoring, lets one collaborate on the files shared with others in real-time. Furthermore, it allows access to all Office 365 files as well as files shared by individuals, organization and teams, regardless of whether one is using a Mac, PC, Android or iOS device or a Windows phone. Starting in summer, Office 365 files could be directly shared from File Explorer on a personal computer and Finder on Mac. The Sharing experience was simplified, thus a file or folder could be shared with specific persons or send a link, which enables anybody needing access, inside or outside the company. Additionally, how long a link could provide access could be controlled and it is easy to modify and view permissions granted. The Windows 7 or Finder new sharing experience is the same, whether sharing on the web, in Windows 10, Explorer, on Mac.

The innovations illustrate Microsoft’s commitment to reinvent productivity so teams and an organization could achieve more. These days, customers who use SharePoint are showcased, such as Avanade, DBS, Fourlis and Shire that uses SharePoint and OneDrive to achieve more. More and more customers are sharing their success stories with the coming new features for business platform.

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It’s time to enhance your SharePoint Application development Capabilities

The usability of SharePoint has been overlooked to a great extent. SharePoint is one of the best web application platforms in the Microsoft Office server suite. Launched back in 2001 and sold as a document management and storage system, Microsoft SharePoint turns out to be highly configurable and ends up developing powerful apps that fulfill key business processes.


Why is Microsoft SharePoint important?

According to Microsoft, SharePoint was sold over 36.5 million user licenses and was used by 78% of fortune 500 companies between the year 2006 and 2011. Down below I would like to mention a few unmatchable benefits of using the platform.

Context around documents and folders

A traditional document storage facility is basically a folder on a server somewhere. While on the other hand, SharePoint brings context around the folder itself by tracking versions of the document. And this is the reason why SharePoint is more effective than the traditional method. For instance, in a traditional setup, one cannot have a running version history for each document or see any changes to the file name whereas SharePoint provides more information regarding the file, an evolving piece of information.

Enables constant communication among the staff

A few years back, you may find yourself sending a group email and copy to everyone. The only disadvantage of using this approach is that a lot of information gets ignored or even lost at times. Thus, people may not receive the information they need. For example, you lost a company document or missed an important discussion. In such cases, platforms like SharePoint brings a strong collaboration to the table so that all staff members can view essential document or information accordingly.

Information is stored in a central location

Starting from taking updates from the CEO to important meetings or events, SharePoint development brings all information to one internal place so that staff can quickly find the information they need. Other than this, cases might be carried out regarding general warnings about particular customers or incidents that everyone needs to be aware of. The platform simply posts the message and everyone can access information from there.

Regardless of the approach, down below are mentioned certain ways that can improve one’s SharePoint application development capabilities.

  • Leverage collaboration features

One of the biggest advantages of SharePoint development is that it comprises of a plethora of collaborative features to enhance the functionality of application developed using the platform. One of the top collaborative options is community sites that are modeled on Facebook allowing employees to communicate with one another in numerous ways based on shared interests instead of the departmental affiliation.

As a result, more and more SharePoint developers could enhance the worth of such communities simply by adding microblogging, news feeds, tagging and a bunch of other interesting features. Another interesting collaborative tool is OneDrive for business. The tool enables storing digital documents in a central cloud-based repository that facilitates easy access and share.

On and all, applying the right mix of collaborative features in application development can provide free flow of information and open communication for better decision-making capabilities.

  • Offer deep integration with enterprise communication

Sharepoint’s collaboration features extend to offer deep integration with the available enterprise communication infrastructure.

Although, software developers may leverage the integration with the help of Skype or Lync in order to offer a powerful way to communicate with customers and colleagues without even leaving the platform. The same functionality may also be used to make accurate contact information of participants, especially during online meetings.

  • Improved search functionality

With the innovation of revamped search core in SharePoint 2013. FAST Search, a powerful search engine tool operating within the company networks makes quite easy for users to search and locate stashed away enterprise content that includes query results from multiple locations, authored documents, information on previous projects, contact information and so more. Further speaking about the platform, it also co-opts Microsoft Bing capabilities that provide a seamless and easy out of the box experience for the end users.

Today most of the SharePoint development companies leverage advanced search capabilities in order to offer content by search, continuous crawl and for general performance enhancement.

  • Provide mobile functionality

In 2007 and 2010 versions, the company offered native mobile functionality which turned out to be pretty weak and best forgotten. SharePoint 2013 makes amends by introducing a slew of mobile tools such as:

  • A new “contemporary view” that easily renders almost all the sites in HTML5 and offers better mobile browsing experience including best touchstone interaction.
  • New back-end mobile “channels” automatically rearranges SharePoint site rendering for different mobile devices.
  • Geo-location tags, news feeds, push notifications just to alert users on new content. Moreover, one can experience improved viewing of MS-Office documents to provide more convenience and unlock new possibilities for mobile.

Additional tip : Several third-party apps such as colligo email manager, infra Infragistics SharePlus, Filamente, and Harmon can make the SharePoint mobile experience better, and more responsive.

  • Enterprise social networking

Like I said before, many SharePoint collaborative features such as community sites and enhanced search capabilities are made to facilitate enterprise social networking. Developers seeking to further social collaboration may explore enterprise social networking such as NewsGator and Jive Software that seamlessly connects to SharePoint and offers mobile capabilities like never before.

Other niche capabilities offered in SharePoint development is the easy drag and drop feature which requires the minimal code but still turns out to be very effective.

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SharePoint Development Company services to boost business processes

A SharePoint development company could build solutions that boost business processes using Microsoft’s SharePoint platform. With SharePoint, a business could discover, distribute and gain easy access to important information throughout all organization levels. SP is a popular tool that has helped organizations boost effectiveness via simplifying different business processes. Furthermore, SharePoint simplifies collaboration and communication of internal staff.



For a business interested in SP implementation, it’s necessary to get in touch with highly experienced SharePoint consultant services. A SharePoint development team could help create truly safe and functional SP websites, portals, intranets, extranets and a whole lot more. SharePoint gives exceptional flexibility to the company with full control and security of data. Expertise in SharePoint module development, which focuses primarily on the basic points to achieve the desirable target of the client is integral. SharePoint development is a way of using business intelligence or BI to boost effectiveness and profitability. SharePoint developers use their skills as well as in-built tools to enhance productivity of websites and system solutions. This could include enabling rapid data analysis, quick search, document management structure and implementation of custom SP app, which all leads to optimization of business management and profit growth.

SharePoint is a web apps development platform for content management. Furthermore, it is a range of technologies that are used widely for creating web portals, websites, company portals, CMS, blogs, wikis and other business tools. Customizing SharePoint for particular business requirements is a common practice. Nonetheless, getting the job done is not as easy. In most instances, admins struggle to take on the developer role, aside from designing and engineering. Often, this causes a liability for a company. A lot of businesses could opt to outsource consulting services to an offshore SharePoint consultancy firm. Developers who are experts in the platform are trained to create. Administrators on the other hand understand and more skilled in managing processes.

By hiring a developer for SharePoint consulting services, an organization could gain critical advantages, such as the following.

1. Enhanced productivity. SharePoint enables easy development of workflows, which enable users in a company to connect. The efficiency and speed in which the connection happens has direct impact on the response time of the organization to customer requirements.

2. Competitive advantage. Becoming an industry leader requires a business to stay a few steps ahead of the competition. The SharePoint platform enables creating solutions that are unique, which help an organization to become a trailblazer. Developers of the platform could leverage the features of SharePoint to ensure that the business stays innovative.

3. Increased functionality. The Microsoft platform is most popular as document management and collaboration tool. A consulting expert could extend the capabilities of the app and develop solutions that are customized, which provide important functionality. When the business has a problem that out-of-the-box SharePoint could not solve, a developer could use their expertise in extending the platform and solve the issue. An effective way of tapping into the advanced document management functionality of SharePoint is a customized document approval process, which include email notifications that are based on role as well as approval stage, which speeds ups the review processes while at the same time retaining full control and security of the important documents of an organization.

4. Boost ROI. For any business venture, the bottom line is to maximize investment. A SharePoint development company could help an organization realize fundamental and of course financial returns. Through integrating the SharePoint platform into other enterprise apps, like finance, CRM or supply chain, a developer could help a business minimize development costs as well as boost output, maximizing ROI across the whole enterprise ecosystem.

5. Minimized organizational costs. If the out-of-the-box features of SharePoint satisfy the needs of a business, adding a developer to the team is an advantage still. Rather than spending money on training the existing personnel to use the feature, a business could save money by hiring an expert developer, freeing up the existing staff or personnel to focus on their income-generating tasks.

Hiring a SharePoint developers could offer important benefits. The benefits are key, whatever the industry, size and needs of the organization. Furthermore, as the business grows, a developer could modify the platform with more features to ensure that the organization continues reaping the critical benefits. Since the platform’s debut in 2001, it has managed to grab the lion’s share of the web platform. Over eighty-percent of Fortune 500 companies use and integrate SharePoint into their business processes. As a collaborative business tool, it has been proven to be a very effective one that has greatly changed the way organizations do business, cater to customer needs and requirements and simplify internal business processes and systems. Hiring a SharePoint developer is truly a beneficial venture for businesses of all kinds, sizes and location.

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Forecast for 2017 is a continuing enhancements to the SharePoint platform

SharePoint development is synonymous to business efficiency and software developer opportunity. Since its inception SharePoint has become a business platform that meets the different requirements of companies and organizations big and small, in all the four corners of the globe.


Without doubt, last year was the biggest year for the Microsoft business platform in quite some time. This was a welcome change for the SharePoint community from the years of benign neglect since Microsoft focused on Office 365. In 2016 however, all that changed. 2016 was termed as the ‘Year of SharePoint’, as Microsoft performed a series of critical announcements all through the year. Developing SharePoint apps has become a lucrative business for many people who are into software and website development. Now, with the five months down in 2017, there are two huge improvements to SP, together with anticipated announcements in the coming months.


Microsoft continues building on the progress of last year. Finally, it’s addressing how the SP Team Sites live alongside Office 365 Groups. Furthermore, it is making a major move on the development front through discarding a server-side approach as well as embracing client-side, open-source development framework. The two initiatives make up the main stories of the platform in early 2017, the SharePoint Team Sites and SharePoint Development Framework.

SharePoint Team Sites undergo several considerable re-modelling and will be the go-to location for team-based collaboration. The platform integrates with Office 365 groups, wherein each group has full power of an SP Online team website. The Team site content features news that’s related specifically to the teams, together with tailored content hand-chosen by Graph. Now, building new sites only takes a few second and could be directly done from SharePoint home. The new development framework, meant for development tenant users represent transition to contemporary client-side development. It moves away from .NET and based on open-source JS, together with develop tools support such as Gulp and Yeoman. The roadmap of Microsoft for SharePoint this year includes enhancements to mobility, collaboration, intelligence and trust.

Some of the anticipated improvements of SharePoint this year includes the following:

1. Continued enhancements/additions to the development framework when it comes to higher-end customizations.

2. More end-user friendly business apps that are based on Flow and PowerApps.

3. Continuous development with Office 365 and Graph Groups.

4. More extensive Web Parts for building out richer portals and custom pages.

5. Web parts inclusion in News items and Publishing Pages.

6. Increased responsively-designed mobile applications for all platforms, enabling users to navigate portals, websites, lists and document libraries.

7. Team Sites and portals performance enhancements.

8. Feedback-driven updates to lists, doclibs, pages, site applications.

9. Publishing websites.

10. Add-in enhancements.

The Team news feature gets accessed from the SP tile in Office 365 App Launcher. It delivers personalized news feed that’s based on a person’s active websites, the websites that they follow and suggestions from Microsoft Graph. Microsoft Graph is a search technology underlying different Office 365 services. Team news is only the latest user-friendly addition to the home page of SharePoint. With the team news addition, SP home evolves to a single, intuitive location to determine what is happening in all portals and websites, build new sites, perform enterprise-wide search and read all news around. Also, end users now could have some basic copy-and-paste enhancements. It is possible to paste tables from Word docs and keep the format images of the table embedded in a page or Office document, together with associated text now could be copied and pasted. Additionally, the page-loading performance has been enhanced for news contents.

When it comes to mobile apps, Microsoft also announced two enhancements. The enhancements would surface if the applications are newly installed, or if users could wait for a store update. Now, the mobile application for Android devices shows personalized team news through a News tab. It has been possible to see news on the devices for two months. However, now the team news would showcase personalized info that is based on Microsoft Graph. The SP mobile application for IOS device now enables users to make news, which could then be published and appear across home pages and on a team site of SharePoint. Moreover, Microsoft also plans adding a News tab to the application for Windows 10 Mobile, but there is no timeline announced as of yet. Security fixes were also being released.

The next seven months of this year would witness continues improvement of the business platform, making it a more collaborative one. It could integrate with the ever-growing family of products of Microsoft. The focus has shifted increasingly to knocking off barriers as well as making the Microsoft platform more user-friendly and accessible. Business could expect more efficiency and collaboration with the improvements implemented and will be implemented with SharePoint.


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It’s time to stay in the loop with SharePoint mobile app for Android

Have you ever wondered why millions of the SharePoint users are not connected to the service via a mobile app? Simple, Microsoft hasn’t released one. And as a result, a user needs to settle for working through a browser instead.

Now, SharePoint plays a crucial role in almost 41% of organization’s overall enterprise content management (ECM) and document management (DM) environments. And as people increase to work, the Sharepoint development company will require creating apps for their users to access everything including their SharePoint content from their cell phones and tablets.


The good news is Microsoft recently announced that mobile apps are already in works for iOS, Android, and windows 10 Mobile. According to the company, the SharePoint mobile app will incorporate sites, links, people and search tabs. Basically, a bunch of features that lets you navigate through much of the content you are accustomed to seeing your PC. Moreover, these mobile apps come as part of a broader shift to reinvigorate SharePoint.

Here in the following post, you will come across certain pointers that you need to know about the SharePoint app released by Microsoft this year.

Experience varies depending on the OS system

The app for iOS has already been released since June 21, 2016. Version 2.0 was released on October 27, 2016. And since the version has been out several months ago, it carries more functionalities and features than any other windows or android version. The windows and android apps are still on their first release and the company is completely attentive to all feedback on how to improve the apps.

One of the major drawbacks for Android and Windows users is that the app only supports users who have an Office 365 subscription. A team of SharePoint developers is working on adding support especially for the on-premises versions of SharePoint 2013 and 2016. Besides, the company has made switching between the app and phones browser seamless after signing –in for once.

Best is always yet to come

The SharePoint mobile apps are relatively new and maybe the company hasn’t yet offered all the functionality users hoped for. But in future, Microsoft will be adding those functionalities as soon as it adds support for on-premises deployments to their SharePoint apps.

Here I would like to mention a few concrete ways through which you can influence upcoming improvements in the app:-

  • Add and vote on issues in the SharePoint development company forums especially thread including information regarding the SharePoint app.
  • Shake your phone or tablet to give feedback, screenshots, and logs

Accessing sites from your mobile browser has become as seamless as possible

Even if you don’t have enough storage in your device for another app, accessing sites from your mobile browsers becomes effective and efficient. The SharePoint app is already well-developed for iOS which means you will get the same for Android and windows.

Some of the 3rd party SharePoint apps include :-

  • SharePlus- SharePoint Mobile
    • Version 2.0.528
    • 100K+ downloads
    • Supports Office 365 and SharePoint Servers 2007, 2010, 2013, and SharePoint Foundation 2010 and 2013.
  • SPConnect SharePoint
    • Version 1.02
    • 50,000+ downloads
    • Supports Office 365 and SharePoint Servers 2010, 2013, and 2016
  • Filamente Lite: SharePoint App
    • Version 1.6.1
    • 1,000+ downloads
    • Supports Office 365 and SharePoint Servers 2007, 2010, and 2013
  • Colligo Briefcase for Android
    • Version
    • 500+ downloads
    • Supports Office 365 and SharePoint Servers 2010, 2013, and 2016

You can still use your mobile browser

The app in experiences between operating systems is drastically different right now. Not everyone uses iphone, so there is a scope for the SharePoint development company to offer a similar experience to the non-iphone users.

Meanwhile, you can settle for accessing SharePoint development from whatever browser you have on your phone or tablet. Just don’t forget to enable the mobile browsers to view especially if you are using SharePoint server 2013.

Is the SharePoint app secure?

Microsoft says the app is completely secure. In fact, it may quite interest you to know that the security credentials of the SharePoint app are released by the SharePoint development company. Although, AAD, NTLM, and FBA. SAML authentication isn’t available in the SharePoint apps yet MDM and MAM will make the app secure enough in the eyes of IT without hindering user experience.

So this is it! Keep watching the space to know more!

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SharePoint Development Company provides consulting and developing services

SharePoint is indeed a cool platform for business. Over the years, it has matured, adding new features for it to compete in the enterprise collaboration, ECM, social and intranet. A SharePoint development company provides consulting as well as developing services and solutions to boost business efficiency. It is the social and collaboration platform of Microsoft, used by four out of five Fortune 500 companies, with more than 125 million users.


SharePoint experts in India have extensive experience in the application of visual designs to the platform, which range from ‘out-of-the-box’ to ‘boilerplate’. Part of the SharePoint consultant roles and responsibilities is to regularly develop different SharePoint environments that include extranets, public websites, intranets and custom apps. In every case, there’s a certain business requirement that sets the customization level, most importantly the level of form over function. Services providers understand the value that companies place in their brand. Understanding the uniqueness and complexities of SharePoint branding and development helps make them experts in this field.

SharePoint is a platform, which helps many enterprises in simplifying their day-to-day activities. Furthermore, it also includes efficient working and the flair of transparency for the company. Most employees and workers find it very simple to work with it since it boosts collaboration between them within the organization. When deciding to take up the platform for a business, there are several things to take into account before hiring a SharePoint development company.

Tips in choosing SharePoint Consulting services in India.

1. Past experience. Appraising the past experience of the SharePoint service provider would definitely help make a better choice. This is because one could figure out if the type of work that the firm does that would suit the company. The consultancy expertise reveals the top development methodologies and practices that help in the decision making process. Check out a few project profiles and studies. These would help determine the types of ventures that the provider usually undertakes and understand the challenges it helps to overcome. Knowledge and process gained from years of creating solutions for various industry verticals would only help the project.

2. Observance of Quality Norms. When trusting a consultancy, ensure to have high quality end result. It will validate the enterprise process, together with promising seamless integration of the platform within the organization. Dedicated experts of the platform could thoroughly observe quality practices and help the business to smoothly function. Effective collaboration is a given when ensuring the quality of the process is upheld, together with all other IT policies.

3. Only hire certified professionals. It is imperative to trust only Microsoft Technology Partners. The certification high lights the provider’s prowess and sets it apart from other offshore developers.

4. List of past clients. Checking out the various costumers served by the consultancy firm is a must. This could be done by reviewing the website of the provider. It would help have a great idea regarding domain expertise, which is vital to determine that they have truly worked on comparable ventures to the company. It also speak volumes about quality of service and efforts, along with other facts. Aside from this, the past success with other organizations make one more confident in entrusting the service provider.

5. Extensive SharePoint knowledge. This is a must for any organization dealing with this specific app. For this field, excellence is paramount. While choosing a provider to outsource a project, keep in mind to check whether the firm is well-versed in a couple of aspects, such as Microsoft SharePoint Consulting and SharePoint support and maintenance.

6. High skills. Ensure that the team of SharePoint specialists is highly skilled and could be easily dealt with when it comes to development issues and could make the most out of the native capabilities of the platform, rather than losing away the chance of having total advantage of the capabilities. Proficient developers could integrate the options provided by native SharePoint.

7. Guide on how the technology works. An effective service provider is one that could guide the client company how the technology works and how one could derive benefits of the app to boost the business. Also, it should support and guide in the license procurement process. Moreover, it should also keep the company informed on the right tool in the app that could be beneficial to any organization.

Innovative SharePoint professionals in India are outfitted adequately with standard tools and advanced technical skills to provide outstanding services. Depending on the different requirements of esteemed clientele, the service providers offer various development services.

Such services could include the following:

A. SDPS or Deployment Planning Services. It developed a deployment plan with countless possibilities with the platform. Best practices are integrated to minimize costs and risks of deployment planning.

B. Site branding. Puts the best efforts to give a professional look and feel to different client sites. The team has great expertise when it comes to using numerous techniques for web promotion as well as branding, including custom themes and custom site templates development.

C. Custom web parts development. Experts have vast innovative skills to deliver web part services to considerably boost the capabilities of the platform.


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