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Forecast for 2017 is a continuing enhancements to the SharePoint platform

SharePoint development is synonymous to business efficiency and software developer opportunity. Since its inception SharePoint has become a business platform that meets the different requirements of companies and organizations big and small, in all the four corners of the globe.


Without doubt, last year was the biggest year for the Microsoft business platform in quite some time. This was a welcome change for the SharePoint community from the years of benign neglect since Microsoft focused on Office 365. In 2016 however, all that changed. 2016 was termed as the ‘Year of SharePoint’, as Microsoft performed a series of critical announcements all through the year. Developing SharePoint apps has become a lucrative business for many people who are into software and website development. Now, with the five months down in 2017, there are two huge improvements to SP, together with anticipated announcements in the coming months.


Microsoft continues building on the progress of last year. Finally, it’s addressing how the SP Team Sites live alongside Office 365 Groups. Furthermore, it is making a major move on the development front through discarding a server-side approach as well as embracing client-side, open-source development framework. The two initiatives make up the main stories of the platform in early 2017, the SharePoint Team Sites and SharePoint Development Framework.

SharePoint Team Sites undergo several considerable re-modelling and will be the go-to location for team-based collaboration. The platform integrates with Office 365 groups, wherein each group has full power of an SP Online team website. The Team site content features news that’s related specifically to the teams, together with tailored content hand-chosen by Graph. Now, building new sites only takes a few second and could be directly done from SharePoint home. The new development framework, meant for development tenant users represent transition to contemporary client-side development. It moves away from .NET and based on open-source JS, together with develop tools support such as Gulp and Yeoman. The roadmap of Microsoft for SharePoint this year includes enhancements to mobility, collaboration, intelligence and trust.

Some of the anticipated improvements of SharePoint this year includes the following:

1. Continued enhancements/additions to the development framework when it comes to higher-end customizations.

2. More end-user friendly business apps that are based on Flow and PowerApps.

3. Continuous development with Office 365 and Graph Groups.

4. More extensive Web Parts for building out richer portals and custom pages.

5. Web parts inclusion in News items and Publishing Pages.

6. Increased responsively-designed mobile applications for all platforms, enabling users to navigate portals, websites, lists and document libraries.

7. Team Sites and portals performance enhancements.

8. Feedback-driven updates to lists, doclibs, pages, site applications.

9. Publishing websites.

10. Add-in enhancements.

The Team news feature gets accessed from the SP tile in Office 365 App Launcher. It delivers personalized news feed that’s based on a person’s active websites, the websites that they follow and suggestions from Microsoft Graph. Microsoft Graph is a search technology underlying different Office 365 services. Team news is only the latest user-friendly addition to the home page of SharePoint. With the team news addition, SP home evolves to a single, intuitive location to determine what is happening in all portals and websites, build new sites, perform enterprise-wide search and read all news around. Also, end users now could have some basic copy-and-paste enhancements. It is possible to paste tables from Word docs and keep the format images of the table embedded in a page or Office document, together with associated text now could be copied and pasted. Additionally, the page-loading performance has been enhanced for news contents.

When it comes to mobile apps, Microsoft also announced two enhancements. The enhancements would surface if the applications are newly installed, or if users could wait for a store update. Now, the mobile application for Android devices shows personalized team news through a News tab. It has been possible to see news on the devices for two months. However, now the team news would showcase personalized info that is based on Microsoft Graph. The SP mobile application for IOS device now enables users to make news, which could then be published and appear across home pages and on a team site of SharePoint. Moreover, Microsoft also plans adding a News tab to the application for Windows 10 Mobile, but there is no timeline announced as of yet. Security fixes were also being released.

The next seven months of this year would witness continues improvement of the business platform, making it a more collaborative one. It could integrate with the ever-growing family of products of Microsoft. The focus has shifted increasingly to knocking off barriers as well as making the Microsoft platform more user-friendly and accessible. Business could expect more efficiency and collaboration with the improvements implemented and will be implemented with SharePoint.


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It’s time to stay in the loop with SharePoint mobile app for Android

Have you ever wondered why millions of the SharePoint users are not connected to the service via a mobile app? Simple, Microsoft hasn’t released one. And as a result, a user needs to settle for working through a browser instead.

Now, SharePoint plays a crucial role in almost 41% of organization’s overall enterprise content management (ECM) and document management (DM) environments. And as people increase to work, the Sharepoint development company will require creating apps for their users to access everything including their SharePoint content from their cell phones and tablets.


The good news is Microsoft recently announced that mobile apps are already in works for iOS, Android, and windows 10 Mobile. According to the company, the SharePoint mobile app will incorporate sites, links, people and search tabs. Basically, a bunch of features that lets you navigate through much of the content you are accustomed to seeing your PC. Moreover, these mobile apps come as part of a broader shift to reinvigorate SharePoint.

Here in the following post, you will come across certain pointers that you need to know about the SharePoint app released by Microsoft this year.

Experience varies depending on the OS system

The app for iOS has already been released since June 21, 2016. Version 2.0 was released on October 27, 2016. And since the version has been out several months ago, it carries more functionalities and features than any other windows or android version. The windows and android apps are still on their first release and the company is completely attentive to all feedback on how to improve the apps.

One of the major drawbacks for Android and Windows users is that the app only supports users who have an Office 365 subscription. A team of SharePoint developers is working on adding support especially for the on-premises versions of SharePoint 2013 and 2016. Besides, the company has made switching between the app and phones browser seamless after signing –in for once.

Best is always yet to come

The SharePoint mobile apps are relatively new and maybe the company hasn’t yet offered all the functionality users hoped for. But in future, Microsoft will be adding those functionalities as soon as it adds support for on-premises deployments to their SharePoint apps.

Here I would like to mention a few concrete ways through which you can influence upcoming improvements in the app:-

  • Add and vote on issues in the SharePoint development company forums especially thread including information regarding the SharePoint app.
  • Shake your phone or tablet to give feedback, screenshots, and logs

Accessing sites from your mobile browser has become as seamless as possible

Even if you don’t have enough storage in your device for another app, accessing sites from your mobile browsers becomes effective and efficient. The SharePoint app is already well-developed for iOS which means you will get the same for Android and windows.

Some of the 3rd party SharePoint apps include :-

  • SharePlus- SharePoint Mobile
    • Version 2.0.528
    • 100K+ downloads
    • Supports Office 365 and SharePoint Servers 2007, 2010, 2013, and SharePoint Foundation 2010 and 2013.
  • SPConnect SharePoint
    • Version 1.02
    • 50,000+ downloads
    • Supports Office 365 and SharePoint Servers 2010, 2013, and 2016
  • Filamente Lite: SharePoint App
    • Version 1.6.1
    • 1,000+ downloads
    • Supports Office 365 and SharePoint Servers 2007, 2010, and 2013
  • Colligo Briefcase for Android
    • Version
    • 500+ downloads
    • Supports Office 365 and SharePoint Servers 2010, 2013, and 2016

You can still use your mobile browser

The app in experiences between operating systems is drastically different right now. Not everyone uses iphone, so there is a scope for the SharePoint development company to offer a similar experience to the non-iphone users.

Meanwhile, you can settle for accessing SharePoint development from whatever browser you have on your phone or tablet. Just don’t forget to enable the mobile browsers to view especially if you are using SharePoint server 2013.

Is the SharePoint app secure?

Microsoft says the app is completely secure. In fact, it may quite interest you to know that the security credentials of the SharePoint app are released by the SharePoint development company. Although, AAD, NTLM, and FBA. SAML authentication isn’t available in the SharePoint apps yet MDM and MAM will make the app secure enough in the eyes of IT without hindering user experience.

So this is it! Keep watching the space to know more!

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New reports for SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Exchange Online driven by Microsoft

Microsoft recently announced three new reports for the SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Exchange Online, which would give the better insights about what are the user’s perspective of using SharePoint and Office 365. Microsoft is also planning to add the activity reports for the Office 365 Groups, Yammer groups and much more.

SharePoint Online Activity Report

This new report would provide the insights to the users in your firm to store and collaborate files. You can also check, which users are active on the SharePoint and engaged with the files. If the file is in action which means if it is created, modified, deleted, shared internally or externally- it is considered as active.

One Drive Business Activity Report

This report enabled you to understand, which users are using OneDrive in your organization within Office 365. When this report is already available you would have a holistic view of how your users are leveraging OneDrive to store and collaborate on documents.

MailBox Usage Report

This is all new Mailbox usage report tracks out the email activity report with the complete scenario about how the users are using their mailboxes. It also enables you to evaluate how many mailboxes each user uses and how much storage space is required.

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How custom SharePoint applications having streamlined business operation?

SharePoint development allows SharePoint developers to deliver solutions and prototypes fast. Although built on top of ASP.NET, the platform has its unique challenges. The issue that arises early in a SharePoint project is how to best interact with other systems. Since the platform is a composite app platform, viewing the architecture of SharePoint from the web app level is the easiest way of going about it.

Not many people are aware that SharePoint development is very good in streamlining the annoying little processes. It is a collaborative software program with six parts to it. These parts include collaboration, personalization and portals, search, business processes and forms, enterprise content management and business intelligence. The main goal of the platform is to build a company intranet. SharePoint developers are in great demand as most businesses now incorporate SharePoint into their business daily processes.

SharePoint development has a lot of features that are found in various software tools like InfoPath, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Project and Browsers. Each has its own methods and functions to deal with creation of document and management process. Specific apps in the MS Office suite do not incorporate well with others, thus the answer is SharePoint, which could help a business to organize data from various elements into one point of action. This is what makes SharePoint different. There are various services that SharePoint developers could offer to meet business needs.

To acquire a working understanding of SharePoint, the easiest way to do is to look at websites. The sites are the central storage points where you could build a series of features that various users could work with. Over the years, SharePoint has evolved to include social networking features, Web 2.0 capacities and an increasing number of third-party plug-ins and add-ons. SharePoint is one of Microsoft’s most successful products. It is important to note that the platform is not a single program but a platform. It is a server product, meaning that you do not install in on your own laptop or desktop. Instead, it is installed on the back end systems and shared across a network.

SharePoint essentially could create websites and helps you collaborate and provides you a central place for storing and searching content. Moreover, it also helps in building and discovering business insights. Should you decide that SharePoint is what your business requires; the next step for you is to plan carefully. Keep in mind that working with SharePoint is a long-term process that would not really end since the platform grows with your business organization.

Below are some of the tips to make the most out of SharePoint:

1. Use MySPC which is a scheduling tool that lets you enter or update personal profile, identify sessions you would like to attend, connect with other attendees, fill out session evaluations and schedule meetings.

2. Choose Activities, Sessions and Parties early on. Make certain that you review the sessions now and use MySPC then start identifying which ones you want to attend.

3. Join in Pre & Post conference trainings. Aside from the ample sessions the conference offers, there are also opportunities for deeper training before and after the conference.

4. Engage with the community where you could acquire ample opportunities to rub elbows and exchange ideas with community members, leaders and other key players in the SharePoint community.

5. Harness the power of social media to keep you connected throughout the conference. Make sure you sign up for Twitter.

Click here to read a pdf that covers more tips and tricks of SharePoint.



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