Banks now use trade fair to showcase the blockchain in technology efforts


Its World Congress expresses that banks utilize exchange reasonable for exhibit the piece chain innovation endeavors. There are diverse administrations and continuous investigations in the square chain innovation.

Created by the CTBC Block chain lab, the arrangement’s pointed in improving archives handling that are engaged with worldwide exchange, similar to protection approaches and bill of replenishing, through exploiting the permanent record of an appropriated record, which keeps and computerizes keen contacts.


Six of the biggest banks have participated in an undertaking to construct another sort of computerized money, which they plan to dispatch one year from now to clear and settle budgetary exchanges over the piece chain, the tech supporting piece coin. Credit Suisse, Barclays, HSBC, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, MUFG and State Street collaborated to deal with the ‘utility settlement coin’ that was made by the UBS of Switzerland to make the budgetary markets more productive.

The move comes as the undertaking changes into another advancement stage, wherein the individuals expect to extend exchanges with national banks and work on taking care of the digital security and information security insurances. The Block chain innovation is a mind boggling calculations set, which empowers supposed digital forms of money, which incorporate piece coin to be electronically exchanged and confirmed over a system of PCs that doesn’t have a focal record.

Presently, with data innovation capabilities, banks are investigating how they could misuse innovation to hurry the back-office settlement frameworks and free billions in tied up capital supporting the exchanges the overall markets. The conveyed record is a standout amongst the most imaginative advances around. From limiting danger to boosting capital effectiveness in budgetary markets, there are a few advantages of the undertaking. Paper reports as of now are put together by purchasers, dealers, calculated organizations, payload forwarders, banks and safety net providers that are associated with global ought to be conveyed and confirmed physically, adding to high expenses and steady handling circumstances and included fabrication chance, mistaken filings and human blunder.

The exchange financing arrangement empowers associations, which have set up common trust in business relations to carefully submit archives utilizing piece chain. Regardless, the arrangement still is in the interior testing stage and does exclude stores exchanges or installments. Additionally, CTBC Bank gave a look to the retail keeping money future wherein administrations and communications are conveyed increasingly through computerized channels, voice-controlled AI or counterfeit consciousness colleagues and propelled ATM partners.

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The installment application is planned for New Taiwan dollar exchanges and charge card remunerate point installments and furthermore other sovereignty program plans. All things considered, as exchange records must be communicated and synchronized over countless hubs on the square chain, each exchange takes around 20 seconds to finish. Contrasted and regular piece chain-based framework, shut end installment frameworks have a touch of time slack, which make it not as much as perfect for physical utilize.


Unquestionably, banks are occupied with square chain. In any case, most banks are still in the early selection stages, with around 75% included either or in a proof-of-idea, planning their system or simply beginning to look at it. Regardless of the advance, the most predominant utilize cases that banks are hoping to include intra-bank cross-outskirt exchanges accepting generally less consideration. However, wherever they any desire for conveying the piece chain, officials expect an immense scope of advantages, which incorporate quicker settlement, bring down costs, lesser special cases and blunders and new open doors in income.


A worldwide system is fundamental to enable banks to utilize piece anchor to help change installments at scale and in addition help in diminishing danger of disappointment. The best system must have two or three characterizing qualities, for example,

– It ought to incorporate the characterized rights, controls, commitments and benchmarks important.

– It should offer productive and quick onboarding process, which empower banks to ‘attachment and play’ to the system for existing and future passages.


1. Trustless trade and disintermediation. Two gatherings could make a trade less oversight of outsider intermediation, diminishing emphatically or killing counter gathering hazard even.

2. High information quality. The piece chain information is finished, convenient, steady, precise and accessible generally.

3. Unwavering quality, strength and life span. In view of the decentralize systems, the piece chain doesn’t have a focal disappointment point and better ready to withstand noxious assaults.

4. Enabled clients. Clients are responsible for all exchanges and data.

5. Respectability in process. Clients could guarantee that exchanges would be precisely executed as the convention orders, expelling a trusted outsider need.

6. Permanence and straightforwardness. Open piece chain changes are visible freely by all gatherings building straightforwardness. Moreover, all exchanges are permanent, which implies that they couldn’t be changed or erased.

7. Quicker exchanges. Interbank exchanges could take days to clear and for definite settlement, especially outside working hours. Square chain exchanges could bring down exchange times into minutes and handled day in and day out.

8. Lesser expenses of exchange. By killing outsider mediators and overhead costs for trading resources, square chains could enormously bring down exchange expenses.

9. Rearrangements of the biological community. With all exchanges added to one open record, it limits confusions and mess of various records.


The point of the settlement coin, in light of an item made by Clearmatics Technologies is to enable monetary gatherings to pay each other or purchase securities, similar to values and securities without sitting tight for customary cash exchanges to be proficient. Rather, they will utilize advanced coins, which are specifically convertible to money at national banks, cutting cost, time and capital required in post-exchange settlement and clearing.

Each of the coins are convertible to various monetary standards will be put away utilizing piece chain or the dispersed record innovation, giving them a chance to be swapped rapidly for money related securities exchanged. From the finish of one year from now, the utility settlement coin could be utilized by banks to pay each other in different monetary standards. Prior to the coins can be utilized to settle securities exchanges, the securities themselves would need to be exchanged to square chain frameworks, generally the decreased capital prerequisites and speed advantages would be lost.

The Information Technology biological community is to be sure advancing at lightning speed.

The most recent innovation in managing an account would streamline keeping money forms for banks everywhere throughout the world.

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Look at what is the Next Big Thing in the World of Artificial Intelligence


The computerized reasoning world has affected innovation verticals, including programming advancement. The pattern keeps on developing as an ever increasing number of frameworks and things are being made.

A sort of behavioral brain science, which is motivating comment or to work a specific way so it expands its prizes has enlivened another manmade brainpower approach called fortification learning. Named one of the best ten leaps forward of this current year, this progressive machine learning empowers PCs to learn new things with no human intercession by means of the unimportant demonstration of testing and the correct programming configuration steps. Beside boosting self-drive autos, the innovation could get a robot get a handle on objects it never has been and it could decide the optima arrangement for the hardware tin a server farm. Just, it is the nearest mankind has so far been able to genuine manmade brainpower.

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With the wide accessibility of fortification discovering that is relied upon to land in maybe a few years, there is no better time to be acquainted with the innovation. The most straightforward method for doing as such would be by means of the Reinforcement Learning Bundle, which is an arrangement of four online courses that cover center AI ideas, incorporating Bayesian machine learning in Python, A/B testing, generative ill-disposed systems, profound learning and neural systems applications and prologue to fortification among others obviously with the utilization of programming advancement apparatuses.


Fortification learning is a standout amongst the most dynamic research regions in AI. It is a method for preparing through prizes and disciplines. A PC would be prepared like a puppy. In the event that the canine obeys and acts in agreement to guidelines, it is energized by giving rolls. Else it would be rebuffed by chastening or beating. Similarly, the framework functions admirably when the educator gives positive esteem, for example, a reward or the instructor gives negative esteem, similar to discipline for example. The learning framework that gets the discipline ought to enhance itself. Thus, it is an experimentation procedure. The fortification learning calculations hold the yields specifically, which expands the reward got after some time. To aggregate a lot of prizes, the framework ought to settle on the best experienced activities. In any case, it needs to attempt new activities to find better activity decisions for what’s to come.


This is a focal information to fortification learning. It depends on Monte Carlo strategies and additionally unique programming. It’s an unsupervised procedure. The strategies could straightforwardly gain from crude encounters with no model of the elements of nature. A few cases incorporate figuring out how to play diversions, lift control, robot control, creature learning and system directing.


One of the product that is intended to give voyaging data according to the interests of clients is the Personalization Travel Support System. It applies support figuring out how to dissect and also learn client practices and rundown out items which the clients wish to buy. On the off chance that the framework picks the correct thing that the client needs to purchase, at that point it is given a reward through allotting a specific incentive for the express that ta client does and if the framework picks a thing that the client does not wish to buy, it is then given punishment. Along these lines, the framework learns individual premiums. All the while, they framework will procure the learning of client conduct and premium, which influences it to choose which or what data ought to be given to a particular client. This will bring about more prominent consumer loyalty and development in item advancement achievement rate.

Fortification learning is a sort of Machine Learning calculations that empowers programming operators and machines to decide the perfect conduct inside a specific setting consequently, to boost execution. Support learning is worried about the issue of searching for reasonable moves to make in a specific circumstance to augment a reward. Support learning aren’t given unequivocal objectives. Or maybe, they’re compelled to take in the ideal objectives through experimentation. Consider the great computer game, Mario Bros., fortification learning calculations will, through experimentation decide certain developments and catch pushes will propel the diversion remaining of a player and trial a blunder expects to bring about an ideal amusement play state.


The calculations that are by and large utilized as a part of the RL are made under different suspicions than those that are utilized as a part of for example, regulated learning assignments. A major contrast is that the RL approaches don’t expect watched tests. In the case of controlling something, for example, an auto, what will be watched five seconds after the fact is exceedingly connected to what one does and watch by and by. Now and again, one could rearrange the issue, some can’t. Moreover, support learning have the ideas of states, something that other well known structures don’t have. With regards to applications, to cast Bandits in a support learning structure, they could be utilized for different applications, for example, web look, clinical trials, web promoting and that’s just the beginning.

The expression of computerized reasoning in fact keeps on building arrangements and encourage frameworks that more disentangle and streamline forms in business, in organization forms as well as on individuals’ day by day lives.

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SharePoint for iOS

A new way of reaching intranet content on smart devices is SharePoint on iOS. It keeps the work moving forward via fast access to team sites, company portals and resources.

SharePoint on iOS is a new way of reaching intranet content on devices. One could download and install the application from the app store on a device. After logging into the SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server, one could navigate SharePoint websites, see links to the sites the company has marked as important, check out profiles of people and search for people, documents and sites.



The new SharePoint mobile app helps keep the work moving forward through providing fast access to the team websites, resources and organization portals and even a look into what persons you work with are working on. This new app is infused with the Microsoft Graph intelligence, which applies machine learning to an Office 365 activity to connect to pertinent documents and the people around. The SharePoint mobile application works with SharePoint Online in Office 365, SharePoint Server 2013 and 2016 on-premises and hybrid environment. Upon launching the app on an iPhone, there will be a prompt to sign in with the SP credentials. The SP mobile app allows easy switching between accounts.

The mobile app of SharePoint also links to other Office applications. For instance, when clicking an Office document in Recent files pivot, it would take directly into the corresponding Office mobile application. In the same way, when accessing a SharePoint document library within a team website, one would be taken into the OneDrive mobile application for iOS to see, share, discover and manage files that are stored across Office 365.


Recently, SharePoint on iOS got an update with Team News and Personalized News that bring the application to version 2.0. In addition to small bug fixes and application stability enhancements, there are other changes to SharePoint on iOS.


For SharePoint Online, news that were created on team sites would be available on both the web and in the SharePoint application. The feature enables reading on status updates, important documents, trip reports and many more. Take note that the news functionality currently is being rolled out in the online service of SharePoint.


Personalized news bring news from the websites one is working in, the websites that one follows and the sites the closest colleagues work in. Keep in mind that the personalized news function would appear as a new tab as soon as team news become available for the company.


The release of iOS is the first of the mobile app releases. It provides four major User Interface areas.


The People tab offers the visibility as to what the people that one works with is working on. Find and browse colleagues in your network. Tap on a particular person to view their contact card and to determine or know what they work on and who they are working with that’s based on the powered intelligence by Office 365.


The SharePoint mobile application offers search throughout with clean results that are filtered by files, websites and people. When doing a search in the SP mobile app, one connects via full enterprise search, thus one could find people and content from across the intranet, SP team websites, organization portals and OneDrive for business folders.


The Sites tab takes one to a list of websites frequently visited, as well as sites followed. Click on a website to see recent activity, files and the website’s assets, such as lists, documents, sub-sites, pages and more. One could also share the website. When clicking on a team site, one immediately will see how the SP mobile application renders the site elements natively beautifully and rapidly.


The Links tab leads to the portals and websites programmed for everyone in the company to see. These are curated by the SharePoint admin from the SP home in Office 365. Mobile-designed and responsive portals would shine through in the application. Microsoft too invests in responsive design as a top priority to make sure all new experiences are responsive and mobile by default.


The SP mobile application brings key features form the popular enterprise collaboration to smart phones, namely the iOS for easier time of accessing things such as company bulletins, SharePoint apps and shared workspaces on the go. This is vital for Microsoft, because launching a mobile application makes the platform more relevant for a workforce that is increasingly attempting to access work data on their phones.


The SharePoint mobile application for iOS is only the first step on the SharePoint mobile journey. People are excited to continue building on what the platform has started. They will continue to deliver improvements to the application, like support of cross-company announcements and news.

Great news for organizations far and wide is the availability of SharePoint on iOS from the Apple app store.


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SharePoint Development Companies India

SharePoint is a leading tools that’s used by 78 percent of Fortune 500 companies all over the world. It is an industry leading platform and not just for bigger corporations but small ones could also benefit from it as well. Organizations with numerous locations and distributed teams face issues that are related to exchange and collaboration of information and documents. SharePoint is an enterprise information portal offering a huge range of benefits and features to a company of any size. It could be configured to build intranet, extranet and internet websites. If offers an array of sharing and collaboration tools, document management, server for storing all data, workflows, search engine and business intelligence tools and many more.


TatvaSoft is an expert SharePoint development company with a team that consists of technical consultants, architects and software developers. Its full service SP consulting includes each and every part of a project lifecycle, beginning from business process analysis, study of the requirement, architecture design, implementation and deployment. The SharePoint team possesses ample experience in the platform’s object model, web services, and database and web parts. Furthermore, the developers are highly experienced in solutions programming that are secure, robust, modular and simplified with the business requirements and trends.

These are some of the services the SharePoint Development Company offers.

1. Designing and Branding SP Websites and Templates

2. Development of Custom Web Parts

3. Integration of Active Directory

4. Integration of Workflow and InfoPath from Designs

5. Implementation and Deployment of SharePoint Website

6. Developing Component in ASP.NET

7. Site Definitions and Definitions of Portal Area

8. Migration and Re-Engineering

9. SharePoint App Integration

10. Configuration, Setting, Customization and Branding of Office 365 Website

11. Support and Maintenance

The service provider has expertise in SharePoint Office 365 and extensive experience in Enterprise Intranet portals, centralized document management system with comprehensive search and role-based access functionality. It also has experience in enterprise collaboration solution with multi-level facility and workflow for dynamically defining business rules. The company also has experience in developing custom web parts, components and tools, SharePoint app integration with Active Directory, web and desktop apps.

The personnel are the most integral asset of any service oriented organization and thus it counts a great deal in an Indian IT company. This is so true for a company that provides custom software development services not just locally but on the international scene as well. The team at TatvaSoft has numerous IT professionals with significant experience in creating a design, development and management of projects worldwide. The well-knit team is composed of goal-oriented and qualified professionals. It combines the best processes, technology and of course people to achieve customer satisfaction in a consistent manner.

The development team is best defined as ambitious, amiable, youthful and passionate. It inherits its qualities from the people who have a strong drive to excel and to deliver work that is of high quality, therefore bringing value to clients and have fun along the way as well. In the Information Technology industry, people are always the most important asset. It is the people who will be able to deliver what the client needs. The company expects from its people accountability, leadership, staying accountable for individual as well as teamwork, honesty and trust, leadership as the key essence for each and every one, openness to innovate through questioning, disagreeing and suggesting. The team is also expected to share ideas, listen to colleagues and of course the clients and accept constructive criticism.

TatvaSoft is a Microsoft Gold certified and CMMI Level 3 software development company, which focuses on timely delivery, high quality and cost-effective IT solutions and outsourcing services. It has a varied and rich experience of more than sixteen years developing solutions and systems using stringent quality standards, ensuring each and every business an edge over the competition. The global software outsourcing model ensure the delivery of maximum targeted result to the clientele. It serves clients across the globe with offices in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States and of course the development center in India.

The software development company is comprised of a team of young and restless individuals who want to achieve numerous milestones while maintaining work quality. It nurtures the work environment, encouraging its employees to pour in their talent and come up with innovative technology solutions for the clientele. It is creating a win-win scenario with everyone who is associated with the company, the clientele, or the employees. Creativity, transparency, individual freedom and strong team rapport are considered as the four robust pillars on which the company stands firmly. Moreover, the company want to be leaders with strength in the development of software solutions as well as business apps and create and organization that is admired and respected for its vision and values.

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SharePoint Business to Business Collaboration

SharePoint business-to-business collaboration is a great way to extend the collaborative power of organizations and employees. B2B collaboration is the key to the success of any business.

The SharePoint Extranet is an extranet site in SharePoint that organizations build to enable external users to have access to important content and collaborate with them. Extranet websites allow a way for partners to do business with the organization in a secure manner. The content for a partner is kept in a single storage and they only have the content and access that they need. There is no need to email the documents back and forth or use tools that are not IT-sanctioned.



Traditionally, the deployment of SharePoint on-premises extranet website involves complex configuration for establishing governance and security measures, which include granting access inside the corporate firewall and costly on-doing and initial cost. But, with Office 365 SharePoint online, partners directly connect to a members-only site in Office 365, with no need to access to the corporate on-premises environment or any other Office 365 website. Extranet websites could be accessed from anywhere.


Industry verticals wherein B2B or business-to-business collaboration is key to their success include manufacturing, automotive, energy and retail.


The key features offered in SharePoint Online B2B collaboration include the following:

1. SPO Cloud B2B. IN an SPO Cloud B2B, one could have both extranet and intranet sites in the same SP online tenant. One could enable sharing with user initiated invitations but with added Information Technology control.

2. Enables users to invite new partner users. In specific Site Collections, Admins could opt to allow users to invite new partner users. An email invite is stent to the partner user and the user should redeem the invitation to access the resource.

3. Restricted domains sharing. Admins could control the partner domains list that the employees could share with outside the organization. An allow list of email domains or a deny list of email domains could be configured.

4. Site-owners only sharing. The ability to have site collections wherein only Owners could bring in or share with new users. Site members that typically are external partner users, could only see the existing site members in the site. This helps govern what partners could see and with home they could share corporate partnership documents.

5. Auditing and Reporting. Activities of the business partner users are audited. Moreover, reports could be viewed in Office 365 Activity Reports.


1. Grow. As the business grows, so does the partners to collaborate with. Office 365 provides the flexibility to expand the number of extranet websites as well as the contents within a site.

2. Secure sharing. It offers a secure sharing experience with the IT governance as well as the policies that one needs.

3. Cost-savings and time to value. Office 365 SharePoint Hybrid extranet offers big and short time to value. It eradicates the need to create an expensive on-premises extranet websites since no additional hardware is required. Furthermore, it greatly minimizes resource and labor costs. The IT department could concentrate on more important works than building and maintaining an extranet infrastructure.

4. No need for any on-premises infrastructure. With Office 365, there’s no need to crate on-premises extranet infrastructure.

5. Seamless collaboration. Collaborate with partner users as if they’re part of the organization, which include instant messaging and the ability to do Skype conference calls. It depends on one how much productivity capabilities to empower partner users is required.

6. Security. Office 365m SharePoint B2B Extranet provides secure collaboration with partners with enhanced IT control, which include:

  • The ability of protecting one’s self from accidental sharing, by having tenant admins and/or site owners could allow site-owners only sharing, that prevents site users from bringing new users to the site.
  • The ability to restrict an external partner users to only accept invitations from the email address where the invitation was sent, external partner users to use the corporate Office 365 organization account or a Microsoft account for accessing a site that was made solely for them.
  • Restricting external partner form access to any other site. They are restricted to only their site and could not search for or see any content or users outside the site.

7. Audit reporting and governance. Office 365 SharePoint Online provides visibility into the content access via external partner users. One of the major IT benefits is to be able to audit usage, which include being able to see who’s inviting whom and when an external user logs in to access content.

SharePoint B2B collaboration extends the collaborative power of employees and builds a secure, single location where files could be accessed easily.

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How SharePoint 2016 Transforms The Modern Workplace?

In today’s fast-paced world, time can often slip away from us. Many of us do not even realize how much time we spend on things that aren’t helping us work towards our goals, be it professionally or personally. It has been a year since Microsoft SharePoint 2016 became generally available for public just to make people more productive at work. Although, some of the features may require an Office 365 subscription while others may not.


Each and every new release is boosted in a set of good features and the latest version has made things even better. The company had two most important drives behind this release.

• First, utilizing the innovations that cloud technology provides

• Second, to make substantial enhancement to its hybrid infrastructure

Down below I have mentioned a list of new features available in SharePoint 2016 :

Hybrid SharePoint

One of the most talked about feature of SharePoint 2016 is Hybrid. The tech giant has invested a lot into hybrid technology that makes installations easy and automated. A new ‘Hybrid Scenario Picker’ is incorporated which programmatically configures the server to server and authentication connections. By doing this, one can get SharePoint up and be running in no time.

In fact, with hybrid infrastructure, a SharePoint developer no longer has to be exclusively on-premises or completely rely on the cloud. The most appealing feature of hybrid is the App launcher but for that one needs to have access to Office 365 apps like OneDrive, Delve etc. Next is the Hybrid search feature through which one can search both on-premises and cloud space from one place.

Mobile Experience

Before the release of SharePoint 2016, Microsoft did not have a dedicated app due to which accessing the platform on mobile seemed impossible. Tables are turned now with the launch of the recent version, the look and feel of the app/ its navigation seem to be mind-blowing with a modern design.

In fact, accessing the platform on mobile devices turns out to be quite effective and it makes work easier in regards to the collaborative approach.

Encrypted Connections

How many times have you heard the news of the data being hacked or leaked or breached from top multinational companies? Right from Adobe, eBay to Yahoo, Evernote, Morgan Stanley, there is an endless list of examples where the data is either stolen or leaked by culprits. The latest version carries a strong encryption in place. Moreover, it supports TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security) connection which provides complete privacy and data integrity between two communicating apps.

Other notable enhancements include :

  • Support for Large Files – IF your business demands preserving and sharing file sizes greater than 2 GB, this handy feature supports unlimited file sizes.
  • Media Preview – One can easily preview your images and videos at the hover of your mouse.
  • Durable Links – The feature enables moving the document without having any changes to the URL associated with the file.

A Few Ways SharePoint 2016 Will Improve The Workplace

It’s all about mobile – In an era of productive work cultures, mobility is the key. Apps providing seamless experience will definitely end up making some difference. And with the launch of SharePoint Mobile app, users can access or edit the content over their smartphones. Besides, Microsoft commits to develop the app for the most popular platforms, namely iOS and Android.

Team Sites and Groups – We all are well aware regarding the fact that Microsoft has made a huge investment in Office 365 groups. Of course, these changes are going to be revolutionary in the way one collaborates and create in Team sites and Groups. Several years back, many people were wondering if the team site was dying. The good news is that it’s now back with a vengeance and backed by the powerful capabilities that Groups has to offer.

Machine learning and Office Graph – Microsoft has made a huge investment in machine learning technology which is being implemented into Office Graph. As a result, there will be a huge push in making sure users will have an easier time finding the content they need. This will turn out revolutionary for large organizations who struggle with sharing knowledge across time zones and seas.

Emphasis on OneDrive – There are numerous ways to complete activities, making organization and consistency difficult. Seeing this Microsoft has shifted focus to making OneDrive and move them anywhere else on their SharePoint site for easier organization. However, take any SharePoint development company into account, you will find them hoping to use the sharing features to share documents, instead of emailing them!

Final Thought

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 version turns out to be an extremely valuable tool especially when it’s about increasing the productivity or streamlining the business processes in order to get everyone on the same page. Whether it’s the version management, improved collaboration tools or access to all of your documents anywhere, anytime, SharePoint development has something for every business.

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SharePoint enhancements arriving on the fourth quarter of 2017

Microsoft provided an updated roadmap for SharePoint and SharePoint development on the fourth quarter of this year. Microsoft in general is working on four areas to ‘reinvent’ productivity with the platform, such as mobility, collaboration, trust and intelligence. The approach holistically is to allow one to discover, share and collaborate intelligently on content anytime, anywhere and on any device of choice.


The Team News feature for the business tool, announced at Ignite now is at the ‘first release’ test stage. It rolled out to ten percent of the first release of Microsoft participants. Users make Team News in a Team Site and the content could be consumed in a browser. Team News also is coming to mobile phone apps. It will arrive in an update to iOS application first before being implemented in other mobile operating platforms. It could consume all the News across various Team Sites, based on the activity of users or machine learning. The feature Intelligent People Cards has been released and now is in the Lists and Document Libraries. It could be accessed via the Outlook Web App, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. It uses the Microsoft search technology for showcasing content on what people are working on.

Also released are the SharePoint Mobile Apps for Android and Windows. The mobile app for Windows 10 now is in the Windows Store. The Android version would be coming soon. In the SharePoint development process, still to come in the fourth quarter are feed-back driven updates and next generation sync for Team Sites, rapid Site creation as well as the release of the SharePoint Framework for developers all over the world. Now, OneDrive for Business has a new Discover Tab and People Card. The next generation sync client gets better at syncing OneDrive for Business files. However, the sync efforts of Microsoft had a tough start two years ago. Microsoft announced at Ignite that it would be possible to sync Document Libraries and SharePoint Online sites by the end of this year. Additionally, sync could address the platform on premises further down the line.

During the first half of this year, Microsoft planned on delivering enhancements to Publishing Sites. The ability for users to create Publishing Sites easily would be coming early part of next year. Web parts would be coming to Publishing pages and News Items. Creating new sites and uploading content would be easier. Also, portals and Team sites would have some performance-tuning improvements. With over 100 million active users monthly, Office 365 offers the most intelligent, secure and intelligent service for collaboration and communications. SharePoint plays an integral role in Office 365, empowering clients sharing and managing content, apps and knowledge to build a workplace that is more connected. Microsoft plans on releasing Feature Pack 1 for SharePoint Server on premises in November.

It would bring a new UI for OneDrive as well as the custom App Launcher. Moreover, it would support more hybrid capabilities, like a unified taxonomy and auditing capabilities. It would add IT admin controls and a few new developer capabilities around the framework. As clients transition towards the cloud, there would be tremendous SharePoint adoption. In the past year, SharePoint usage has grown 90 percent, stored content ballooned to 300 percent and more than ten million new SP websites were created. More than 60 percent of SharePoint seats now are online, which reflect the value that customers see with the platform in Office 365.

OneDrive enables sharing files with anyone in a secure manner, in or outside the organization. The deep Office integration powering rich co-authoring, lets one collaborate on the files shared with others in real-time. Furthermore, it allows access to all Office 365 files as well as files shared by individuals, organization and teams, regardless of whether one is using a Mac, PC, Android or iOS device or a Windows phone. Starting in summer, Office 365 files could be directly shared from File Explorer on a personal computer and Finder on Mac. The Sharing experience was simplified, thus a file or folder could be shared with specific persons or send a link, which enables anybody needing access, inside or outside the company. Additionally, how long a link could provide access could be controlled and it is easy to modify and view permissions granted. The Windows 7 or Finder new sharing experience is the same, whether sharing on the web, in Windows 10, Explorer, on Mac.

The innovations illustrate Microsoft’s commitment to reinvent productivity so teams and an organization could achieve more. These days, customers who use SharePoint are showcased, such as Avanade, DBS, Fourlis and Shire that uses SharePoint and OneDrive to achieve more. More and more customers are sharing their success stories with the coming new features for business platform.

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